Pregging Mother and Daughter
(M/Ff, ir, nc, preg)

by Kysa Braswell
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Garrett was my lover, but I never thought he'd be the father of my child. Yet the baby that now lay nestled on my breast suckling mother's milk at my nipple was the dark, beautiful product of Garrett's awesome black loins. Sweet mercy! The thought still sent quivers of ecstasy racing through me. I still couldn't believe this had happened. When we had first met, Garrett had told me that he didn't want any children. I assumed he'd had himself taken care of so that wouldn't be a possibility. Being over 50 and probably in the change, I wasn't all that worried about my own fertility either. Surely I couldn't still conceive. I was still having periods, but they were irregular. I suppose deep inside I knew it was possible I could conceive.

Perhaps, deep inside, that's what I wanted, to have Garrett's potent dark seed buried deep within my white woman womb, mating with my eggs and letting me create the ultimate gift to my black lover. Maybe that's why I'd let him fuck me, relentlessly, over and over again, without being sure of protection, pouring his thick white milk into me, filling me over and over with his fertile sperm. Though he said he didn't want children, he often, when we were making love, told me he'd make me into his white breeding whore.

"You're my bitch, white slut, I'm gonna knock your white pussy up with my black seed so many times, your gonna get fucked up for sure, gonna make your belly swell, white girl, and you're gonna make my black baby, and everyone's gonna know what a white whore you are for dirty black man fucking. You are my white bitch in heat, Rita, your womb is for my for breeding my heir. Now bend your sweet white ass over here to me and do what the hell I say! Give me a baby, white bitch!"

Fuck, how I loved it when he talked to me like that and when he fucked me hard and brutal, reaming my poor pussy till I was sore, making me know who owned me, and who could make my cunt know the total ecstasy no other man ever had.

Garrett had already knocked up my daughter, Kysa. And at 16, she had his baby. She cried and cried because he forced me to bring her to him, and when he bred with her, it was her first man, and Garrett's cock was far too big for any virgin. But Garrett kept breaking her in, gently, but the pressure from the girth of his large cock just split her labia, and made her sore for weeks. But it had made no difference to that nigger, since his satisfaction was all that mattered to him. Her belly swelled, and her breasts went from A-cups to heavy C-cups seemingly overnight. She had the baby two months ago, and since then Garrett has been fucking her best friends, breaking them in to being blacked and pregged. It seems shameful. But white girls will never get enough of a hung nigger like Garrett. And all the young white girls seem taken with him, ever willing to lay down and spread their white thighs for his big black cock, even if they know they're likely to get pregnant.

Garrett seemed pleased when I told him I carried his black bastard baby. It was, from what I knew, the 7th child he'd fathered among white girls around the county. I wondered if he'd marry me, give his son his name, and make me his wife. He watched my belly swell with his seed, my breasts get full in preparation for nourishment, and sometimes, he'd slowly undress me till I stood naked in front of him, my swollen belly rising towards him, and he'd kneel in front of me, and caress and kiss the belly he had so distended with his fucking black seed, till the breath was gone out of me. God, I loved how he loved me!

Garrett fucked me relentlessly throughout the pregnancy. He said my white whore pussy was still his for him to find his fucking satisfaction in, and I'd just have to endure what had to be done for his pleasure. He said he was sorry if I was uncomfortable, but that's what white girl's who whored after black meat had to understand, that they were just pieces of white flesh for black man pleasure and pleasing him was my job, and that's what my body my white cunt was for, even if it was big with black baby seed. He said white girl's had to learn to pay for the kind of ultimate nigger fucking orgasms black men could give them. I loved it that he still wanted me, and that my physical body changes didn't alter the erotic intensity of his desire for me.

His long, thick cock was perfect for fucking his pregnant whore. When my belly grew so big with Garrett's baby, during the last weeks, many fucking positions became difficult if not impossible. But with so much length, Garrett accessed and fucked my pregnant hole till the very last day. The best position was laying on my side, with Garrett on his side behind me, or kneeling at my ass. His long, dark piece of hard man meat would still slide easily and tightly inside of me, and though he'd be gentle and good to me, he still fucked me hard, driving in, pumping me in and out, ripping at the walls of my vagina, till the sweet juice sprang from it's deep wells inside of me, making me slippery and wet. Till his awesome stick was soaking with my juice, slopping in and out of me, splattering the wetness of our passion all over our thighs and dripping into wet puddles under us, as a salute to Garrett's powerful strokes and stamina.

How I loved feeling his strong, dark hands stroking and caressing my swollen belly as he fucked me so hard. God, how he made me cum, till all I could feel was the sweet delight of orgasm washing over my whole body and culminating in grand concert in my poor tight, pregnant white pussy chambers. And then he would dump his load in me, again and again, as if he could make me pregnant again before this baby was even born. And I would love the awesome sounds he made when he came, and how he came and came on and on, shit, I couldn't ever get enough of him cumming. I loved his orgasm as much as my own. I could feel the magnificent strength of his cock pushing against the opening to my womb, making me feel stuffed to the limits, as his cock nudged, prodded, and caressed his son inside of me.

Sweet mercy, I would never forget watching the baby be born in the delivery room mirror. Garrett held my hand as we watched it's dark head crowning against the ultimately stretched lips of my white pussy. I grunted and pushed so hard, till it's little dark shoulders pushed out and Garrett's baby boy slipped out. It was when they placed his beautiful little ebony body in my white arms, that Garrett leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Rita, you are my white whoring breeding slut, you know that don't you? Just a piece of white trash girl whoring for black nigger flesh! This is what happens to white girls who submit to black buck fucking, Rita. And everybody's gonna know you been sleeping with a black slave coon boy!!" And he smiled at me and kissed me deep and long right there in front of everyone! God, how I loved him and I didn't care that everyone was going to be buzzing about Rita's black baby!

My black baby still suckled sleepily at my breast. I found myself so warm and comfortable, in all the sweet memories. And in looking forward... our six weeks after birth were up, surely one day soon I'd feel the tight slide of my black master's awesome piece of loved hard cock being buried inside of me again any day now. My eyelids drooped and I feel asleep. The next thing I remembered was Garrett coming in quietly and lifting our sleeping baby from my breast, leaving me naked and exposed and placing him softly in the basket. I dozed back to sleep, but found myself wakened again as I felt Garrett's hands caress my naked white breast, enlarged and swollen with mother's milk, his fingers pressing on my nipples, making the white milk drip out. Then, oh sweet mercy, I saw Garrett's dark head lower to my breast, and dear god, he licked my tits, flicking my nipple with his tongue, and then, oh fuck, I felt him suckling at my tit and my sweet, warm milk flowed into his mouth! It was so damn erotic to have my lover sucking at my nursing breasts, it set my pussy on fire and soaked my warm dark passage.

God, how I ached to have him inside me. Garrett must have sensed my desire. He lifted me, place me on my back on the bed. Pulled my clothing off. Then he stood up and I watched as he slipped off his shirt and opened his slacks. His awesome cock was swollen inside his shorts, fuck he was so beautiful. It sprang out, hard, heavy, erect as he dropped his shorts. Garrett knelt between my thighs, his darkness so beautiful against my ivory skin. He was so gentle yet so powerful, respecting that my pussy was only newly healed from the stretching and tearing of bearing the fine product of his potent seed. My pussy was slick and hot and wet in anticipation of the feel of my black buck's awesome stiff pole inside of me, my blood was hot in lust for him, my cunt was throbbing and begging for his thrust.

"God, Garrett, please, please, oh, fuck, please, dark man, baby, fuck me, sweet mercy, don't make me wait. Be my black slave boy, do what I tell you, damnit! Garrett, fuck me now, you black coon bastard!!" Garrett laughed as he teased the opening of my tunnel with his dark awesome tool. I pushed my cunt forward trying to slide onto him, but he only pulled back and laughed at my frustration. "So, Rita, even after all that, being knocked up by my potent black seed, you still are a whoring white bitch for black buck fucking, aren't you. For shame, Rita!!! You're such a piece of white trash, wanting black fucking the way you do. You should be stoned in the city square, you little white slut!!"

"Shut the fuck up, Garrett!" I whispered back. "You get busy and do what black nigger boys are supposed to do to their white mistress girl, or I'll have you flogged till you remember your respect!"

"Respect! Oh Rita, you're gonna know what respect is before I'm finished with you today. Now white girl, time you learned your lessons again! Get down here in front of me. You've been missing your daily black buck worship ritual here lately. Get to worshiping, you white bitch in heat. Take care of this aching piece of man flesh right now!! Be obedient, white slut, do what I tell you!"

About that time, Kysa walked in the room, and gushed a surprised "OH!" when she saw what was happening. "Hey, babe, you like the way your mama looks sucking nigger dick? If you stay a while, I'll let you feed off it, too." "Yes, sir" she answered. "You goddamned white bitches amaze me. Can't get enough of this ol' nigger cock, eh? Well, I'll tell you what, I promise I'll make you both pregnant two more times, and Kysa, maybe 5 or 6 more times by the time I'm through with your pristine little ass. Goddamned white sluts. The only thing you're good for is sucking and making black babies!"

I felt the smart slap of Garrett's hard black weapon across my cheeks and I opened my mouth obediently to take in my black lover's incredible shaft. His sweet precum oozed into my mouth, my pussy juices dripped down my thigh. I licked and sucked, stroked and fondled my black buck meat, god, how beautiful he was, how I loved his wicked nastiness. And now, even after the baby, he was still as evil as ever! I slid my head through Garrett's legs, and opening his ass crack with my hands, I laid my warm, wet tongue on his tight ass hole. Fuck, how I loved this man's ass. He was a god!! I felt Garrett raise me up. He looked over at Kysa and said, "Show me your pretty ass, white girl! Bend over for me, get your slutty ass ready for Garrett, Kysa. This hard black cock is coming home to make another baby in your womb!"


I stepped dripping out of the bath and glanced at the nakedness of my smooth ivory body in the full length mirror in front of me. I'd been proud of keeping my body in good shape over the years. I'd kept active, and I had watched what I ate. But as I turned to the side and looked at my profile, the trim, slim lines were gone. My six-month pregnant belly was obviously swollen now and becoming more distended daily. My normally small breasts had enlarged to twice their usual fullness as nature prepared and filled them with milk for the suckling to come. I was well past the point of being able to to disguise my situation with baggy and loose fitting clothing. My hands slid softly down across my protruding belly. In spite of everything, I knew I loved the little dark body growing inside of me, even though it was the result of a black man's vicious violence.

Still shame swept over me as remembered the looks I was receiving from friends and acquaintances in the community. Even though no one had yet confronted me with the situation, the questions were on everyone's faces every time they looked at me. Everyone knew I was a widow and unmarried. Behavior that would result in pregnancy out of wedlock was totally unacceptable in my circles. And at my age? People had to be thinking, "She has to be on the verge of menopause, what can she possibly be thinking to have let such a thing happen?" And who would understand and believe my impossible explanation, abduction, kidnapping, rape, protecting my sweet Kysa from the ravages of a beastly black bastard who was half crazed. And when the baby was born, and people saw it was the spawn of black seed, my shame would be multiplied by thousands. So many taboos had been broken here. If only I could move, run away, to where no one knew me. But I was in no position to make such a change.

My face flushed deeply as my body shape reflecting in the mirror reminded me once again of my impossible predicament. Even now I sometimes questioned my decision months ago not to abort the baby forced on me by the black bastard who tormented me still in order to keep him away from my daughter. He need never to have known the violent and forced spilling of his black seed over and over into my still fertile womb had impregnated me. I could have had the abortion and he could be wondering even now about his own ability to sire children, instead of gloating over the fact that he had made me pregnant in one fucking rape. But I could not bring myself to abortion. Damn, the black nigger beast.

I had made excuses not to have any of my children come home for visits since my situation had become obvious. I was glad none of them yet knew, but was filled with apprehension knowing it would all come out soon. What would they think of me. Especially Kysa who did not know I had conceived under the thrust of the black devil. I felt the old rage well up in me right now as I thought of you and what you had done to us that day.

She had left for school shortly after witnessing the first rape in the cabin. She said she could understand all of what had happened, my stepping forward to agree to let you take me to protect her. All of it she had accepted, until you had broken through my defenses and with that evil black fuck stick of yours, you had overcome my rage and valiant struggle, ravaging my pussy walls with such skill, size and pure thrusting raw savage power, that in spite of all I could do, my physical responses overtook me, thrusting me into pure and total orgasm beyond my will to deny.

I had held out against you so long, biting my lip till it bled, driving my nails into your back and the palms of my own hands in an effort to ignore the passion senses that were rising beyond my control. But I was getting so tired now. I had never known a man could be so endless in his assault as this black nigger beast was being to me now. I had never known of such power and stamina. I began to realize you could fuck me as long as necessary to illicit the response you wanted, and what you wanted was me giving myself to you, yielding to the force of your magnificent black weapon and body.

Exhaustion was overtaking me, I knew I could not hold out against you much longer. The moment that thought crossed my mind, I knew I was lost. It was then that I had felt the juices start to squirt, felt them being squeezed out with every deep animal thrust of your thick manstuff, and running down my ass and squirting onto my smooth white thighs, now laid wide open to your black aggression, and to my shame, willingly so. You sensed it immediately, foul, black beast that you are. I could tell by the evil smile that crossed your lips that you felt the gush of my juices cumming and the tension go out of my legs.

And then you said, "Damn!! Finally, the little white slut bitch gives in!!"

It had never taken you so long to bring a woman to your bidding, but neither had it ever felt so good to you as when you knew you had finally bent me to your fuckin will. I had felt my hips rise to you, and then, to my shame, I felt my hands reach down and wrap around the part of your cock I was not deep enough to take, and then, horrors, I heard the woman sounds from deep in my belly rise, changing into screams of ecstasy as you brought me to the edge of multiple orgasms of such intensity over and over again that I could do nothing but give myself over to them and to you totally and wholly.

I thought it would be over soon, that you would not be able to contain your load, that you would shoot and be done with me. But you seemed to be able to hold your black load forever, forcing me into orgasm over and over, for hours it seemed, while Kysa sat below, disgusted and wondering over her mother's obvious ecstasy over what was supposed to be a rape. Not only that, you had forced your huge cock meat through my lips and, in my weakened state, I had eagerly sucked your knob into my warm mouth and licked and tongued your cock as if it were my last meal. And then, to my shame, you had squatted over my face, commanding me to suck and finger your asshole, and I had complied with eagerness. It seemed that in the end, on that horrible afternoon, I had been reduced to nothing more that a white girl slave for you, an ivory piece of woman flesh, created only for pleasing you, doing virtually every evil and nasty thing you told me to do.

Never had I been able to explain to Kysa that the physical stimulation had overtaken me against my will. I knew she could never understand until she had felt those physical sensations as well. And so she had left for school, with great bitterness at me. Although she was well within traveling distance and in the past had come home almost every weekend, this semester she had not returned once. But she would have to be home this weekend. Repairs were being made at the dorms and she had to be out of them for a few days. What would she say when she discovered my pregnancy? What would she think when she found out I was still servicing your needs. As per your demands, I was required to submit to your ravages at least once a week, and more often that not, two or three times a week you called on me to be a sexual slave girl for you, making me kneel and bow before you, suck off your monster stick, drink your black seed on occasion, and finally submit my pussy or my ass to you, or sometimes both, whatever you fancied on that day. What would Kysa say when she knew.

That was not the end of my shame however. The gall of bitterness I really suffered from was the endless guilt and humiliation I felt because deep in my soul I knew I craved this black devil's cock inside of me. Without fail, my body was racked with throbbing and passionate desire as our appointed meetings approached. Although I kept the realization deeply buried, I knew that in my heart I looked forward to the intense fucking I would get under your masterful touch, to the sight of your black skin next to mine, the feel of your massive, beautiful cock, which I had come to love, in my small white hands. You had done what you had set out to do, you had re-trained this small white slut to want black man's cock, your cock. And you had made me pregnant.

But even though I knew of those hidden feelings, I would never, never let them interfere with my outward resistance of you. I had maintained my struggle against you all these months. I never gave myself willingly to you. Always, you faced my resistance. Always, you initially had to hold me down, even tie me on some occasions, always you had to force my ivory thighs open, and always, you had to pry my pouty pink lips open with your monster cock. There were times when your body carried the scratches and bruises I occasionally inflicted when I got lucky. And always, I endured your forceful whipping of my face and ass with your hard cock. Always, it was only by your physical superiority that you made me submit to your cock in my pussy.

But it was true that once your cock finally gained entrance into the warm slick hold of my pussy, you always knew, I was no longer being subdued. I was putty in your hands at that point, responding and yielding to your every prompt and movement, bending completely to your desire and will. Once over that threshold, I belonged to you and you reveled in it. In that state, I was your willing and obedient student and you, my masterful black buck teacher... you had taught me how to service and please you, how to suck your huge cock off in my mouth, how to drink your sweet black cum, how to position my pussy for deepest penetration. During those times, I was your sweet white slut and you knew you owned me. Only you did not know how to own me without a fight first, and you were disappointed by that.

My first thought about Kysa when she entered the room was that she had gained weight. I was so surprised as she'd worked so hard during the summer to keep her weight down. She looked so full across the belly, I found myself unsettled by her appearance but said nothing, not wanting to hurt her feelings over a weight issue. Besides, I was immediately aware that I was the one getting the looks here... not Kysa. She saw immediately that her mother was well and truly pregnant and understood at once.

"It's the black man's baby, isn't it, mom!", she said. Hot blood rushed into my face and more than ever before, in that brief moment, I wanted to kill you with my bare hands.

I expected her fierce anger and disgust.... but it was not there. Instead she took me in her arms, hugging me as close as she could in my swollen condition, and said, "It's okay, mom, at least you don't have to put up with the nigger bastard anymore!" I pulled back, surprised by why she would think that. She saw the questions in my eyes.

"Mom, he came and saw me, right after I got to school. He made a deal with me, Mom. He said if I would see him and fuck with him on a regular basis, he would leave you alone. He reminded me of the ecstasy he'd had you in at the cabin, the way you hadn't been able to resist such pleasure even when you were being raped, said I really owed it to myself to find out the pure passion a well-hung black man can give to a young white girl. He told me to try it just once and see if I didn't like it. And if I did, and would see him, he'd leave you alone.

I tried it, Mom, he was wonderful, he takes my head off and blows my pussy away! I understand completely now, why you couldn't resist his rape of you. And there was one final twist, mom, he wanted me to have his baby. Look mom, look at my belly." She pulled her sweatshirt up over her already swelling belly, She couldn't have been more that two months behind me. "We're both carrying his dark babies mom, can you believe that? But Mom, I don't love him, I just like to fuck him. Mom, he loves you, he told me so, but he doesn't want to hurt you anymore. So he just plays with me. And I like it, isn't it great mom. And you don't have to put up with him, mom. So we all win, see, I'm having fun, he's getting the baby, and somebody to fuck, and you're free of him. Course he isn't getting you, but one can't get everything, yes? Isn't it great the way things have turned out mom."

I felt the color drain out of my face. Damn the fucking black bastard to hell!! He had deceived us both!! We had both agreed to his terms to protect the other, and yet he had been fucking both of us all along at will, at his pleasure. Filling us both with his black seed and dark babies!! My words of explanation tumbled out. Kysa stared at me dumbfounded!! "Why damn, that fucking black nigger motherfucker!," she said quietly, and then with a slight smile, "We should make him pay, shouldn't we, and we will make him pay for disgracing this family!"

The End
Kysa Braswell
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