My Mom's a Slut
(M+/F+, gang, inc, anal)

by Kysa Braswell
kysa online

"I want you to think about it," David said.

Britney Monroe looked at David Covey. He was a nice guy, a decent guy. He had a wonderful job in a local department store and he wanted to marry her. The trouble was Britney did not know whether she wanted to marry David. She did not know whether she wanted to be married at all. Not again. She'd been divorced nearly ten years, she had a son, and she wasn't certain she wanted to be married again. In any case she had doubts whether David turned her on enough.

It was nice sometimes. There were times when she really enjoyed it when they fucked, but usually it was boring. It wasn't David's fault. She certainly couldn't blame him. It wasn't David, it was herself. She knew what the problem was. She was a realist and she hated deceiving herself about things. The problem was that whenever she and David had sex she found herself thinking about her son Len. She thought about Len in ways a mother shouldn't think about her son. She thought about fucking Len and sucking Len and doing all the things with Len that she did with David. How could she possibly marry David when she was obsessed with her own son?

Now David said, "You're dreaming, honey. You haven't heard a word I've been saying. You've got a faraway look in your eyes, like you're a million miles away on another star. What's happening?"

Britney pulled the hair back from her eyes. Some of the men at the other tables in the restaurant were looking at her. Men always looked at her. They looked at her in a special way that said they'd like to fuck her, and she always enjoyed that. Even Len looked at her like that. The other day she'd caught him staring down the neckline of her blouse to get a look at her tits.

She smiled at David now. "It's one of those nights, darling. I've got a damn headache again and I think I'd like to get home early."

David was disappointed, she could see it in his eyes. But he was a good sport. He nodded and smiled and said he'd take her home right after dinner. Britney felt much better. She was in no mood to cope with David tonight. What she needed was a peaceful evening at home so she could think about her problems. There must be some way out of the bind she was in. She had to think of something. She couldn't just go on having the hots for her own son and let it fuck up her life. After the dinner was finished, they left the restaurant and climbed into David's car. Britney felt sorry for David. Maybe it was mean of her to cut the night short like this. As David drove the car out of the parking lot, she leaned against him and kissed his cheek. Then she slipped her hand into his lap and searched for the bulge of his cock.

When she found his prick, she squeezed it and said, "You're a honey, David."

She pulled his zipper down and slid her fingers inside his fly to find his cockshaft. He was already half hard by the time she brought his prick out. The slit in his cockhead was leaking juice and she used her thumb to spread it around. David did have a nice cock. The knob of his cock was circumcised and because of that his cock always reminded her of Len's. She hadn't seen her son's prick since he was just a little kid, not close enough to have a good took at it. But he was circumcised like David and whenever she handled or sucked David's cock she thought of what it would be like to do it to Len. When they reached Britney's house, David wanted to come inside. Britney talked him out of it. She said she was too tired. She said if he'd like, she would suck him off right there in the car.

"Jesus, Britney, people live on this street. Suppose someone sees us."

"It's dark, honey. They won't see anything if I have my head in your lap."

She finally convinced him it was all right. By this time she had a strong urge to suck his cock and she was getting annoyed at him for putting her off. She settled down with her head in his lap and her mouth on his cockhead. She knew it wouldn't be long. David never lasted too long when she had his cock in her mouth. She didn't mind. What she wanted was a load of thick cum down her throat and the sooner she got it the better. She loved sucking a cock, any cock. She liked them fat and skinny, long and short. The more cum a man had, the better she liked it. When she sucked a cock, it was almost like she was nursing on it. When a man gave her his load, it was almost like she was taking milk from him. What she wanted more than anything in the world was to take milk from her son. She wanted her son's cock in her mouth and his balls shooting his cum down her throat. Would she ever get that from Len? It seemed impossible, but there was nothing wrong with dreaming about it. Now, as she sucked David's fat prick, she imagined it was Len's cock and she quivered with excitement. Before long David groaned and squirmed and warned her he would soon be coming. Sometimes she sucked his cock awhile and then jerked him off into a Kleenex. Tonight she wanted his load down her throat.

Then David gasped and threw his head back and started coming. Britney kept her lips fixed around the knob of his cock as his cockhead erupted into her mouth. She counted four big spurts against her palate. She held his slimy spunk in her mouth until the end, and then, when she finally pulled her mouth off his prick, she swallowed the whole load at once. She had a small orgasm as the glob of thick cum slid down her throat. She was not surprised by that. It happened often, particularly when she was able to hold the whole load in her mouth before swallowing it.

Now that David had his balls drained, he was in a calmer mood and ready to go home. Thank God, Britney thought. David was really sweet, but she wanted an evening at home with Len tonight. She kissed David and promised to see him in a few days and hurried out of the car and up the walk to the house. At the front door she turned and waved goodbye to David. He waved back and pulled the car away from the curb. Maybe I'm stupid, she thought. Maybe I ought to marry him and stop dreaming about crazy possibilities. It was awful for a woman to be obsessed with her own son like this.

Opening the front door, she stepped in to the house. It was quiet. Usually Len had the TV going downstairs or upstairs in his room. But now it was quiet and she wasn't even sure if he was home. She closed and locked the door and climbed the stairs to the bedrooms. The door to his room was open and she saw he had the light on in there.

Then she looked in and there he was on the bed fast asleep. There was nothing wrong with a young boy having a nap in the evening. He had no reason to expect Britney home for hours yet. There was nothing wrong about sleeping. But it was more than that. He had his pants and shorts down at his ankles and his hand holding his cock. He was just holding his cock with his fingers. His cock wasn't hard, but Britney hadn't seen her son's prick in years and she was fascinated. Then she noticed the wad of Kleenex on the bed and the glistening spots on his thigh and she realized he'd been jerking off.

She moved quietly into the room. There was a magazine on the floor. She bent down and picked it up and muffled a gasp when she saw what it was. A sex magazine. People fucking and sucking. She turned the pages and realized with a jolt the magazine had a theme. All the pictures involved young men and older women. Women like herself and young men who looked young enough to be teenagers. She put the magazine down on a nearby chair and looked at Len again. She looked at his cock and the way his fingers curled around his cockshaft and she was sorry she hadn't been there to watch him shoot off. It was crazy, of course, he would never have done it in front of her, but she was not sorry she missed it anyway. She imagined his hot cum spurting out of his cockhead in a geyser of cum. Boys his age always shot a big load of fuck-cream when they came. They always had full balls.

She couldn't resist touching him. Easing herself down, she sat on the edge of the bed and reached out to run her fingertip over the pink bag that held his balls. Len stirred and opened his eyes. He looked at her and his eyes grew wide with surprise and fright and he pulled his hand away from his cock to grab the sheet to cover himself. She stopped him.

She put her hand on his cock and shook her head and said, "Don't worry, baby, it's all right."

"Jesus, Mom, I...."

"I know. You thought I wouldn't be home until later. It's not your fault. You don't have to explain. There's nothing wrong with jerking off, honey. Every boy does it. Just relax." Then she felt his prick growing stiff under her fingers and she smiled. "Look at that, he's standing up like a soldier. That's lovely. You don't know how exciting it is for a woman to watch that. Look at it, look how big he is."

The boy groaned and closed his eyes and dropped his head back on the pillow.

Britney knew there was no turning back now. She had her fingers curled around his throbbing cockshaft and she slowly stroked his foreskin up and down over the hard muscle. His cockhead was fat and luscious-looking and the slit at the tip was brimming with clear precum. It seemed like a dream. Was this really her holding Len's meaty prick in her hand?

He groaned. "Oh, Jesus, Mom..."

"Go on, baby. Cum if you want. I don't mind. Don't hold back. Just let it happen."

And happen it did. The boy made a croaking sound and jerked his ass off the bed and started coming. The hot cum exploded out of his cockhead, spurted and foamed out of his cockhead to fall on Britney's hand. She never let go of his prick. She knew how to drain a man's nuts with her fingers. She continued pumping and stroking his prick until she was sure she had all the cum milked out of his balls.

She was certain this had to be the most exciting moment of her life.

She looked at Len and smiled and said, "That's lovely, honey. That's the most wonderful thing I've ever seen."

The boy looked at her and groaned. He raised his head and looked down at her hand as she continued stroking his prick. Britney could feel some heft in his cock again. She still had his cum on her hand and here he was getting hard again. His cock was lovely.

Ten-inches. He had to have at least ten-inches. He had a thick veiny cockshaft and a lovely set of pink balls. It was the sort of prick women dream about. It was the cock she herself had dreamt about for years. Well, it's happened, she thought. Here she was with Len's cock in her hand, his meaty prick stiff and throbbing under her fingers. He had another orgasm in him, maybe not a full load of cum, but whatever was in there would come out sweet and thick and she had to have it. With a soft moan she lowered her head and closed her mouth over his fat cockhead. Len gasped. His eyes rolled back and he made a snorting sound.

Britney opened her mouth wide and began-inching the ring of her lips down the length of his cock. She took everything he had, every throbbing-inch until she had her nose buried in his cockbush. Then she pulled back to his cockhead and began sucking on his knob. Her tongue swirled lovingly over his cockhead, probing into the slit, drawing out the leaking precum. Her fingers curled around his cockshaft and she began jacking him off. That's what she wanted. She wanted his load splashing over her tonsils. She jacked his velvety foreskin up and down, sucked on his fat cockhead to draw the hot fuck-cream out of his balls. The boy suddenly convulsed and came. His cock spurted wad after wad of thick cum over her tongue. Britney was in heaven. She milked him dry with her hand and mouth. She held his load in her mouth until the end and then she swallowed everything at once and shivered as she came. When she looked at her son again, she smiled and opened her lips to show him the remnants of his cum on her teeth.

Len looked at her with glazed eyes. Britney chuckled, licked her lips and ran her fingertips over the head of his soft cock. "Was it good, honey? Did you like it when I sucked you?"

He nodded. "Jesus, Mom..."

"I know, baby. You think it's wrong, don't you? Never mind that. Who knows what's wrong and right? It can't be that wrong to make each other feel good. We're not harming anyone else, are we? Anyway let's not talk about that. Let's talk about you. I don't even know if you're a virgin. Maybe I ought to know that now. Have you been with a girl, baby?"

She got him to talk. He was reluctant at first, still recovering from the shock of what had happened. He was still a virgin. None of the girls he went out with would let the boys fuck them. Some of the other girls did, but not the girls he knew. He petted with some of them. They let him feel their tits and pussies. A few of them knew enough to jerk him off when he needed it. One girl sucked his cock occasionally, but she never let him cum in her mouth.

"Poor baby," Britney smiled. "Girls your age are so dumb. They don't know what they want."

She was excited at the idea of teaching him about sex. She would turn him into a wonderful lover.

Lifting his cock with her fingers now, she looked down at it.

"You've got a lovely cock," she smiled. "It's the kind I like. Big and fat. And beautiful balls. I knew you'd have a nice one. It's been such a long time since I had a look at it, but now here it is."

She noticed his eyes on her tits and she chuckled.

"I'm sitting here all dressed and you're naked," she said. "At least the most important part of you is naked. That's not fair, is it?"

"I don't mind," he croaked.

"Sure you mind. All right, I'll take something off, maybe everything. But first you get out of your clothes. You can't be comfortable lying there like that with your pants around your knees." She made him get his clothes off. She was thrilled by his lean young body. He giggled and said she was tickling him as she ran her hands over his chest and ass. She made him stand naked in front of her while she fondled his cock and balls. His prick was getting hard again. She squeezed his pink balls and gently pumped his thickening cock. Then she pushed him away and told him to come along and sit in her bedroom while she undressed. They walked hand in hand down the hall to her room. Inside the room, she made sure the blinds were closed. It would be a hell of a thing if any of the neighbors learned what they were doing. Len sat on her bed as she began undressing. The idea of showing her body to him excited her tremendously. She was more turned on than ever before with a man. Her own son. She quivered as she slipped her blouse off and turned to show him the fullness of her tits bulging in a light-weight bra. She faced him and ran her hands over the lace cups of her bra.

"I saw you looking at these the other day," she teased. "I liked it, you know. I like to be looked at, every woman does. You don't need to be embarrassed."

His cheeks were flushed, his eyes fixed on her tits. His cock was completely hard again, sticking up straight against his belly with his cock-tip almost touching his belly button. A drop of clear precum brimmed in the slit of his cockhead. Reaching behind her back, she unhooked her bra and then slipped it off her shoulders and away from the heavy globes of her tits. A soft sound of excitement escaped his lips. She let him feast his eyes on her tits, then she cupped a hand under each tit and raised her boobs to make her nipples point at the ceiling.

She smiled at him. "Aren't you going to tell me you like my tits? I know they droop a little, but when they're big like this that can't be helped. Don't you like them?"

"They're beautiful, Mom."

"Do you mean it?"


She massaged her tits, rolling them around her chest and then fingering her nipples until they turned into stiff points.

She knew she was driving him crazy. It was fun. Her pussy was so damn wet she could feel the juice leaking on the insides of her thighs.

Moving closer to him, she leaned forward and offered one of her tits to his mouth.

"Suck it," she said. "It really turns me on when my titties are sucked."

He opened his mouth and she pushed forward to stuff her fat nipple between his lips.

She groaned at the feel of his wet warm mouth on her tit.

"Suck it, baby," she purred. "Suck Mommy's big tit. Chew it if you want. Don't be afraid, let me feel your teeth."

She groaned as he bit down on her thick nipple. She ran her hand over his head, caressing the back of his neck, pressing his face more firmly against the globe of her tit. After a while she pushed his face away and forced the other tit inside his mouth. The nipple he'd been sucking was wet and swollen and a little raw from his teeth. She looked down at it, looked at his mouth sucking the other nipple, and suddenly she trembled and came. The hot climax sizzled in her cunt and then washed over her body. She finally pulled away from his mouth and stepped back. His lips were slack and his eyes looked feverish. She smiled at him as she unzipped the side of her skirt. When she dropped her skirt, she saw the emotion in his face as he looked at her. Her pantyhose was sheer all over and the dark bush of her cunt hair was clearly revealed. Holding her tits with her hands, she turned slowly to let him look at her body.

"Do you think I'm getting old, honey?"

"You're not old, Mom."

"Maybe you're just saying that to be polite."

"I mean it, you're gorgeous."

She dropped her hands from her tits, ran them over her hips and asscheeks. Then she fingered the waistband of the pantyhose and slowly peeled the nylon off her body.

A flush came to the boy's face as he gazed at the thick bush of dark hair covering her cunt mound.

Britney faced him, ran her fingers through her pussy hair. "You've got a hardon again, you little devil. I'll suck you off again, but after this one I think you need some rest."

He was like soft clay in her hands. She could do anything with him she wanted to. She made him stretch out on her bed and she crouched between his legs to suck his cock. This time she had the advantage of being able to rock her body back and forth. Her mouth pumped up and down on his hard young prick. She held his fat balls in one hand and squeezed the base of his cockshaft with the other hand. The spongy knob of his cock swelled and throbbed in her mouth. It wasn't long before he jerked his hips and came. His load of hot cum spurted over her tongue and she greedily swallowed it down. At the end she tenderly squeezed his nuts and then his cockshaft as her lips sucked the last of his cum out of his cockhead.

"That's all for tonight," she said, pulling her mouth away from his prick and smacking her lips. "You get some rest, honey."

She kissed his forehead and then his lips. Smiling at him, she helped him get off her bed and walked with him down to his room.

When he was under the bedcover, she kissed him again, turned the light out and walked back to her bedroom. I love him, she thought. It was obvious he wasn't sure yet what had hit him tonight.

She wasn't that sure herself. What was certain was that she had now crossed a line, she had now done something she'd always thought impossible. At the moment the only thing she was afraid of was that he would somehow back away from her. She did not want that. She wanted more. She wanted much more. As she walked into her bedroom and closed the door, she ran her fingers through her cuntbush and told herself that what she really wanted was to fuck him. Maybe tomorrow. In the meantime she had a boiling pussy and she had to do something about it. She turned the lights down. She pulled a heavy-duty vibrator out of a drawer and she stretched out on the bed to bring herself off. Buzzing her clit. That's what she called it. It never took long. A few drops of baby oil on her clit and then the rubber ball of the vibrator on top of that, She moaned as the first of a series of orgasms ripped through her body.

Britney went to work as usual the next day. She had a job as a secretary in a real-estate office. It was easy work and she liked the job. The three men she worked for had one after the other made passes at her in the beginning, but after a while they got the idea she was uninterested and now there was an easy-going office friendship that made her days pleasant.

She was restless all day. She couldn't help thinking about Len and what they'd done. Each time she thought about it she got horny. Three times during the day she had to go to the ladies room to whack off. She thought it was a little crazy to be sitting there in the john rubbing her cunt to an orgasm, but she couldn't get any work done with her mind filled with Len. She couldn't wait to get home. Finally the workday was finished and she hurried out of the office. She sped down the highway to get home. Len usually arrived home from school before her, and when she walked into the house he was already there. They both pretended nothing had happened the night before. She made an early dinner for the two of them and then she left him in the living room watching TV and she went upstairs to change her clothes.

She was horny again. Just being near Len set her off. She stripped her clothes off and climbed into the shower. When she came out of the shower, she dried herself and sprayed her body with cologne and put new make-up on. Then she slipped into a sheer bra and panty set that showed everything and covered herself with a blue satin wrap-around robe. When she looked at herself in the mirror, she was pleased. She looked damn sexy, maybe ten years younger and certainly not the mother of a teen. A teen with a ten-inch cock. He was her lover now. She remembered the taste of his thick cum, the feel of his hot cockflesh filling her mouth. Well, here we go, she thought. Tonight she would make him fuck her. Tonight they would take the final step. When she walked down the stairs and into the living room, Len looked at her with admiration in his eyes.

"You look beautiful, Mom."

"Thank you, honey."

She sat down next to him on the sofa and kissed his cheek.

"And you smell good, too," he said.

She smiled. "I think we ought to talk about last night. We've been avoiding the subject all evening and maybe that isn't good. Don't you think we ought to talk about it?"

He blushed. "I don't know, Mom, maybe..."

"No, let's talk, honey. You liked what we did, didn't you?"


"And I did too. I thought about you all day. Did you think about me?"

"I couldn't think of anything else."

"I know what you mean. I even had to go to the john three times to whack off." She laughed when she saw the shock in his face. "Oh, don't be silly, honey, girls like to do it as much as boys. Don't you know that?"

"I wasn't sure."

"Well, now you know. Did you do it today too?"


"How many times, you little rascal?"


"I hope you saved something for me."

"Jesus, Mom..."

"Come on, show me. Bring it out and I'll suck it again until it's hard."

She wanted him to bring his cock out. She sat there and smiled at him and dropped her eyes to his lap and his hands.

She watched his fingers as they pulled his zipper down.

He slipped his hands inside his fly and a moment later the full length of his cock sprang out into the air.

He was already hard. He groaned as she closed her hand around his cockshaft and pulled his foreskin down to make his cockhead swell with blood.

God, what a juicy-looking prick, she thought.

There was no way she was going to give him up.

She kissed him. She clamped her lips over his mouth and pushed her tongue between his teeth.

She continued stroking his cock as she fucked her tongue in and out of his mouth.

Grabbing one of his hands, she pulled it to her tits and forced him to fondle her tits.

He groaned under her mouth and dug his fingers into the flesh of her tit.

Finally pulling her mouth away from his, she smiled at him and said, "Don't be so bashful, honey. I like it when you touch me." She opened her wrap-around robe, pushed it to the side to expose her panty-covered crotch. "Touch my pussy," she said.

He looked at her face and blushed and then he looked down with hot eyes at the bulge of her cunt mound. She chuckled and pushed his hand between her legs until his fingers were on the nylon directly over her cuntlips. "Rub it right there," she said. He moved his fingers back and forth over the crotch of her panties. She looked down and saw how wet she was. Her cuntjuice had soaked right through her panties to the outside. His fingers already glistened with her cunt-cream. She quivered as she imagined him licking the juice out of her dripping cunt. But it was too soon for that. She did not want to frighten him. Eventually she would teach him how to lick and suck the cream out of her gash.

"Can you feel how wet I am, baby?"

"Yes," he said.

"That's because I'm hot for you. It's like when you get a hardon. My little clitty gets hard too, but I also get very wet. Today at the office when I was thinking about you, I wet my panties. Rub it a little harder, baby. Your fingers feel wonderful."

She stroked his cock, squeezed his cockshaft and rubbed her thumb over his cockhead. They continued playing with each other awhile, and then she decided it was time to get her panties off. She told him to help her. He smiled at her, his eyes filled with excitement as he tugged the nylon down her thighs and off her legs. She sat sideways on the sofa to face him, raised one knee and opened her thighs to show him her cunt.

He gazed at her cunt with hot lust in his young eyes.

"Makes you hot, baby, doesn't it?"

"Yes," he said.

Sliding her fingers over her cuntflesh, she pried her cuntlips apart. "Can you see more now? Can you see my clitty?"

"I think so."

"Put your finger on it."

He reached out and put his fingertip on the shaft of her clit.

"That's it," she said. "Rub it, honey. Right there. Rub it up and down. Like that, just like that."

She closed her eyes and focused on the lovely feeling produced by his fingertip pushing the foreskin back and forth over the head of her clit. He had lots to learn, but she would teach him everything. After a while she made him push a finger inside her cunt. They both looked down at his hand as he slowly fucked his finger in and out of her cunt-channel. She thought it was marvelous that this boy who had come out of her cunt so many years ago was now exploring her cunt with his finger. She loved it. She loved the feel of his finger as he reamed her pussy. Her cuntflesh was hot and swollen and her cuntjuice dribbled out on his finger and hand in a steady stream.

Now she said, "Honey, why don't we get all our clothes off? We'll be more comfortable that way."

She helped him peel his clothes off, and then she slipped out of her robe and then her bra. She sat on the sofa and made him stand between her knees. She fondled his ass and kissed his belly and ran her fingers over his swollen balls and throbbing cock. She quivered as a glob of precum fell off the tip of his prick and landed on her thigh. Holding his balls in her left hand, she gently frigged his cock with her right hand and looked up at him.

"What would you like to do?"

His eyes were glazed. "What ever you want, Mom."

"You'd like to fuck me, wouldn't you?"


"You little devil. First let me suck this lollipop awhile."

With him standing there like that between her legs, his cock was at just the right height. Her hands on his hard little ass, she opened her mouth and pulled him forward to get his cock inside her lips.

Then she clutched his asscheeks and signaled to him with her hands to fuck her face.

He groaned as he slowly pistoned his stiff cock in and out of her mouth.

Britney rhythmically squeezed his ass. She loved the feel of his hard asscheeks under her fingers. She slid her fingertips into the crack of his ass, found the grommet of his ass and rubbed it gently. She could tell he wouldn't last long. She did not want him to cum in her mouth, not now. What she wanted now was his prick in her cunt. Pulling her mouth off the tip of his prick with a slurping sound of her lips, she looked up at him and smiled. "Fuck me now, baby. I want you inside me." She stretched out on the sofa, opened her thighs and lifted one leg to the sofa-back. Her dripping cunt gaped like a hairy mouth as he approached her. She feasted her eyes on his throbbing cock and pink swollen balls as she helped him climb into position between her legs. Pulling her knees back to her tits, she reached down with her hand to get his cockhead socked into the mouth of her cunt. With a grunt of pleasure, the boy lurched forward and buried his cock balls-deep in his mother's steaming pussy. Britney draped her legs over his young shoulders and grabbed his ass. She squeezed and pinched his asscheeks, pushing and pulling to get him to follow the rhythm she wanted. It no longer mattered that it was her son who was fucking her. He had a hard throbbing cock, a man's cock, and it felt wonderful as it pistoned in and out of her hungry pussy. Again and again the boy's iron-hard cock rammed her pussy. Each time he pulled back, his cock-shaft rasped over her clit like a nail file and drove her wild. Her fingers gripped his asscheeks, rolling the hard balls of his ass, pulling them apart and pushing them together as he continued pumping his prick in and out of her cunt. She looked at his face and smiled at him as their eyes met. "Do you like it, baby? Does it feel good to have your cock in there!"

"Yes!" he gasped. "It feels great!"

She found his ass with her fingertip and pushed her finger inside his ass to the first joint.

David always loved it when she diddled his ass. Len obviously loved it too. He fucked harder, slamming his cock mercilessly against the soft flesh of her pussy. Finally the boy could hold out no longer and he cried out hoarsely as he began shooting his load. She drove the full length of her finger inside his ass as his cock spurted his cum in her pussy. It was wonderful to feel his hot spunk making her pussy slippery as it gushed out of his prick. This was their first fuck, the first fuck of mother and son. When he finished coming, she wanted to keep his prick inside her cunt forever. She held onto his ass and kept his cock deep inside her cunt. She could feel his balls tickling her ass and she squirmed her crotch against him to increase the sensation. At last she let him pull his prick out of her sopping cunt. She made him lie down on the sofa to rest while she went to the kitchen to fix herself a drink. She felt wonderful. She quivered as she became aware of his cum dribbling out of her cunt. She rubbed her hand over her pussy and slipped two fingers inside her pussy to churn her juices. When she pulled her fingers out, they were covered with a white froth, of cuntjuice and cum. She licked her fingers clean, savored the taste, the feel of her fingers slowly fucking in and out of her mouth. She was hot as hell now. Her tits were hot and her pussy was hot and even her ass was hot. She liked getting a cock in her ass when she was really turned on. She knew Len wasn't ready for that yet, but she thought about what it would be like and she had to hold onto the kitchen counter to stop her trembling. Sliding one hand over her ass, she dipped her fingers inside her asscrack and tickled her ass. Len's lovely cock would feel heavenly in her ass. She was sure of it. She would teach him everything. Someday some woman would be grateful to her. But she did not want to think about that now. Right now he belonged to her and her alone. When she carried her drink back to the living room, Len looked at her and smiled.

"You're beautiful, Mom."

"You really think so?"

"I sure do."

"You're a honey. Isn't it nice like this? It's lovely to be without clothes and not to hide anything from each other. Don't you think so?"


"Did you like my finger in your butt?"

"It felt funny."

"But you liked it, didn't you? I could tell."


She kissed him and then she lowered her head to his lap to suck his cock.

He was already half hard. His prick was coated with a mixture of her cuntjuice and his cum and the taste was delicious. Lifting his balls with her fingers, she sucked each nut into her mouth, rolled her tongue over it before spitting it out again. Then she made him pull his knees back to his chest and she fluttered her tongue under his ball-bag and down to his ass. She teased him with her tongue. She licked around the puckered ring of his brownie awhile. Then she lapped her tongue back and forth over it until she could feel it loosen up. The boy groaned as she slithered her tongue inside his wet open ass. She reveled in the musky taste of his young ass and then she pulled her mouth away from his ass and told him to get up.

"Fuck my boobs," she said. "Come on, I'll show you how."

They giggled together as she stretched out on her back and showed him how to straddle her with his cock and balls between her tits.

She made a purring sound as she pressed her titflesh against his hot cockshaft.

"You need big tits for this," she said.

"I love your tits, Mom."

"Come on, honey, slide your cock in and out. Fuck it between my tits."

He soon got the hang of it. She adored his cock. With his ten-inch cock she was able to get her mouth on the tip of his prick each time he thrust forward. His balls felt wonderful on her skin as they slipped up and down the sweaty valley between her tits. The urge to have his cock completely stuffing her mouth was too great to resist. Grabbing his ass, she pulled him forward to take his hard prick. Straddled over her chest, he slowly slid his throbbing fuckpole in and out of the ring of her lips. She kept her eyes open. She watched his cockbush move forward and back as he fucked her mouth. At intervals she looked up at his face and quivered at the pleasure he showed. It was wonderful to be able to give him this pleasure, to let him use her mouth like a cunt, to have him fuck her face with his young lusty cock, to have his balls slapping against her chin each time he drove forward to bury his prick in her throat.

At last she gently pushed him away, made him pull his cock out of her mouth. "It's time to fuck," she said. "Let me get on top this time. Let me show you how it's done when the woman is on top."

She showed him how to sit on the sofa with his ass slumped forward and his cock pointing at the ceiling. She straddled him, shoved her tits in his face and rubbed his cockhead up and down between her cuntlips.

They both groaned as she found his cockhead with her cunt and slowly eased down on his throbbing fuck-meat.

"Is it good, baby?"

"Oh, Mom, your cunt is so hot!"

She loved the feel of his big hard cock in her pussy. She fed him one of her tits and squirmed her ass on his lap.

Nothing was more wonderful than this. She felt as if she'd been waiting all her life for this. Closing her eyes and moaning, she began bouncing up and down on the boy's hard throbbing prick.

When Len opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the sun streaming in through the blinds in his room.

It took him a moment to remember it was Saturday morning. No school today. Two days free, two whole days alone with his mother. It was hard for him to believe the past week had actually happened, hard to believe how much his life had changed. He felt his cock twitch as he thought of his mother. Memories from the past week floated into his mind. It seemed crazy that he was now actually fucking his mother, but there was no questioning the reality of it. It was no dream. They had done things together he wouldn't have believed possible a week ago. But now everything was changed. There was nothing they couldn't do. Every morning this past week she sucked him off before he left for school. She said it would help him concentrate on his schoolwork. But it didn't matter. He still thought about nothing else except what was going on between them. He fondled his cock now as he thought about her. His prick was stiff, his balls full. He slowly jerked his prick up and down, as his mind wandered.

God, what a sexy bitch she was! He'd been having fantasies about her as long as he could remember. When she walked into his room last week and found him with his pants down, he thought he'd keel over and die. He couldn't stop thinking about her cunt, her dark cuntbush curling all the way into the crack of her ass, her juicy cunt that gaped like a mouth when she spread her juicy meaty cuntlips apart with her fingers. He whacked his prick up and down as he thought about her, then he thought, what the hell she's right there in her room and it's Saturday morning. She's not going to work today. She wants to fuck as much as I do. Slipping out of bed, he walked naked down the hall to her bedroom. When he knocked on the door, she called out and told him to come in. She was still in bed, sipping coffee out of a mug with the morning paper on her lap.

She smiled at him. "Hello, sleepy-head, I've been up nearly an hour."

"Morning, Mom." His cock was half-hard, hanging thick over his balls, and he stood there and let her look at it.

She ran her tongue over her lips and called him over to the bed. When he reached her, she closed her hand around his cockshaft and fondled his twitching prick.

"You didn't come in here to play checkers," she said with a smirk. "You can't fool me, kiddo."

"I thought maybe..."

"Sure, why not, baby. It's Saturday morning, isn't it?"

He slipped into bed beside her and they were soon giggling at each other.

She scooped her tits out of her nightgown so that he could suck and play with them. His cock was throbbing stiff now. The feel of her heavy tits in his hands and her fat nipples in his mouth always made his prick hard as iron. Reaching under the covers, she grabbed his cock and mewled with pleasure as she fondled his fuckmeat.

"What would you like, honey?" she said. "You want me to blow you or would you rather fuck me?"

"Gee, Mom, what I'd like to do is suck your pussy. Can I do that?"

She ran her fingers over the back of his neck. "I'd love it, baby. Just thinking about it makes me wild."

They kicked the covers off them and Britney pulled her knees up and opened her thighs. Len scrambled around to get between her legs. He fixed his eyes on her cunt as she pulled her thick cuntlips apart with her fingers.

"You like Mommy's pussy, honey?"

"I love it, Mom."

"I'm all hot and juicy for you. Come on, lover, put your tongue in my cunt."

He quivered with lust as he lowered his face to the hairy gash of her pussy. The heady aroma of her pussy filled his nostrils. When she grabbed his ears and pulled his face forward, he groaned and clamped his mouth over her wet cuntflesh. Sucking her steaming cunt turned out to be every bit as exciting as he expected. He felt himself surrounded by her cuntflesh, and when she closed her thighs on his ears, the only part of the world that counted any more was the slimy canyon of her oozing pussy. He rooted in her cunt, pushing his nose up and down, rubbing her clit with his nostrils. He fluttered his tongue, sucked at her cuntlips, and then he stiffened and fluted his tongue and stuck it as far as he could inside her pussy. She held his head, pulling his mouth against her cunt as he sucked the juices out of her pussy.

"That's wonderful, lover. Suck it, baby, suck Mommy's pussy. Suck all the goodies out of there."

He sucked her like a hungry animal. He loved it. The smell and taste of her cunt drove him wild. He lapped up her flowing juices and swallowed them down. He rubbed her clit with his nose and sucked the hot cream out of her cunt. It wasn't long before she heaved and groaned and clamped her thighs around his head as she came. He found himself struggling to breathe, his nose and mouth filled with hot cuntjuice and swollen cuntflesh, but at last her legs fell away and he was saved.

She looked down at him with adoration in her eyes. "That was lovely, baby. That was really wonderful."

His face wet with her juices, he smiled. "I liked it too."

"Of course you did, lover. A real man loves the taste of pussy. Next time we'll do it together. We'll suck each other off at the same time. But now come up here and let me nibble on that gorgeous pecker."

He crawled over her body, straddled her chest and slipped his cockhead inside her mouth. He groaned as the wet heat of her mouth enveloped the sensitive knob of his prick. She sucked him awhile, fondling his balls with one hand as she swirled her tongue over his swollen cockhead. Then she dropped his cock out of her mouth and said, "Would you like to fuck me, honey?"

"I'd love it, Mom."

"Let's do it a different way this time. I'll kneel on all fours and you can stick it in from behind. Would you like that?"

"It sounds great."

He was excited by the idea of fucking her that way. He'd seen a picture of it once in a magazine some of the kids had smuggled around the school. The picture showed a man standing behind a kneeling woman and fucking her cunt from behind. He also had that magazine showing older women and younger men and some of the pictures showed the couples fucking that way too. His blood raced as he watched his mother position herself with her head and shoulders down on the mattress and her ass raised in the air in front of him.

He gazed with hot eyes on the broad expanse of her luscious creamy ass. He could see everything when she was in this position, her ass, her cunt, her clit, the whole damn business right there between those mind-blowing asscheeks. He was sure his mother had the loveliest ass in the whole world.

"You can touch me," she giggled. "I won't break, you know."

He put his hands on her ass. It wasn't the first time he'd touched her ass, but he'd never been able to took at her like this.

He ran his hands over the smooth flesh of her asscheeks and then trailed his fingertips into the hairy crack of her cunt. She wiggled her hips to show him she liked the way he was touching her. Using his thumbs, he pulled her cuntlips apart to expose her cum-soaked cunt. A blast of hot cunt-aroma filled his nose. He could see the whitish juice oozing slowly out of her gaping pussy.

She groaned now. "You're getting me very hot, baby. Why don't you stick it in?" She chuckled and muttered something and reached back with her hands to pull her cuntlips wide open. "All right, have a good look at it." He could see an-inch or two inside her cunt. The pink cavern looked as if it was hungry to be filled.

Curling his fingers around his swollen cockshaft, he brought his cockhead to the mouth of her cunt and pushed forward to get his prick inside her steaming pussy. She groaned as he slowly slid the full length of his hard prick inside her pussy.

"That's it, honey, get it in there! Oh, Lord, how good it feels! You like fucking your mother's cunt, don't you, baby? Fuck it good. You've got such a beautiful cock, it makes me crazy!"

His hands gripped and pinched her big asscheeks as he began pistoning his cock in and out of her steaming cunt.

He kept his eyes fixed on her ass. The wrinkled brown hole fascinated him. He watched the way it rhythmically winked at him like a brown eye. He wondered if someday she'd let him fuck her ass. His breath whistled through his teeth as he thought of fucking his cock in and out of her ass. But for the time being her cunt was enough to keep him happy. The hot walls of her pussy gripped his sliding cock like a glove. Her thick hairy cuntlips were stretched around the shaft of his prick like a sucking mouth. His blood pounded in his ears as he watched his thick cock pump in and out of her gaping pussy.

Now she said, "Look at that, honey. If you look over there, you can see us in the mirror. Doesn't that took wonderful?"

He looked at the full-length mirror near the closet, and, sure enough, he could see the two of them on the bed. The sight of himself fucking his own mother drove him wild. He began to fuck her with a faster rhythm, pounding her cunt with his cock, his balls slapping against her cuntlips, her asscheeks wobbling under his fingers. Finally he came. He threw his head back and began spurting hot cum out of his cock and into her sucking cunt. This was his first orgasm of the day and it knocked him for a loop. His load blasted out of his balls in great waves as he dumped it in her pussy. When he at last pulled out of her slimy cunt and rolled over on his back on the mattress, she purred and kissed him and then moved her head down to suck his cock clean.

"Yummy," she said. "There's nothing nicer than a cock that's just shot off in my pussy, especially when it's yours, lover."

She licked and sucked his prick and then she cleaned his balls with long swipes of the flat of her tongue over his ball- bag.

"Ouff!" she laughed. "Maybe it's time I got out of bed and joined the real world. Would you like to come in the shower with me, baby? I'll help you wash. Would you like that?"

Of course he would like it. He kissed her and hurried along with her to the bathroom.

Just being near her like this--with both of them naked turned him on and made his prick twitch. He kept his eyes on her ass as she climbed into the shower, and then he climbed in after her and she turned the water on. They moved into each other's arms and kissed as the water cascaded over them. He held her tits in his hands, his fingers squeezing her fat nipples. She played with his cock, fondled his balls and pulled rhythmically on his cockshaft.

"All right, you little devil," she said, "let me wash you."

He giggled as she tickled him. Then she took the soap and began lathering up his cock and balls. He closed his eyes and groaned as her soapy hand pumped his prick.

"Feel good, honey?"

"Oh, yeah," he croaked.

"You're getting stiff again. If I didn't tell you when to stop, you'd fuck day and night, wouldn't you?"

"I guess so."

She chuckled and pushed a finger inside his ass. "You like that."

"It feels good."

"I'll jerk you off with my finger in your ass. You'll see how nice it is. Then you'd better get out of here and let me wash my hair."

He closed his eyes, squeezed his asscheeks on her hand as her finger screwed in and out of his ass.

She pumped his prick methodically now, milking his cock, squeezing his balls as she pistoned her finger in his ass.

He moaned as his cum began boiling in his balls. Moments later the hot cock-cream spurted out of his prick and he was certain he had to be in heaven.

Trina Baker was Britney's best friend at the place where she worked. Trina was also a divorced mother and the two women occasionally went out together to dinner and a movie. Britney liked Trina. The blonde was attractive and easygoing and lots of fun when she had a few drinks in her.

One afternoon Trina came to Britney's desk to ask if she was in the mood for a drink or two after work and then dinner after that.

Britney had been looking forward to another hot evening with Len, but she decided maybe it was better to give the boy a rest.

"All right," she said, "I'll call my son later and tell him to fix himself some dinner tonight."

"And I'll call Kent," Trina said with a smile. "See you later, honey."

Kent was Trina's son. Britney had never met the boy, but Trina talked about him a lot and obviously doted on him.

She'd faint if she knew about me and Len, Britney thought.

At five o'clock the two women sought each other out and left the office together.

They each drove their own car to a cocktail lounge and restaurant ten minutes down the highway.

They'd been in the place frequently, and the manager smiled at them and immediately led them to a corner booth where they'd be able to drink and have their dinner undisturbed.

Britney was happy now she was out with Trina. She hadn't been out like this in weeks and it felt good to be socializing with someone her own age again.

Going crazy with Len in bed was fun, but a woman needed some companionship.

They each had a Bloody Mary and then they switched to wine. It wasn't long before they were giggling madly as they told each other funny stories about the salesmen in the office.

Then after a while they calmed down and Trina said, "I've been meaning to talk to you about something. It's sort of a confession. I'd like to talk to someone about it and you're one of the nicest people I know. Do you mind?"

"Of course not," Britney replied.

"You may change your mind once you hear it."

"Come on, Trina, I thought we're friends."

"I hope we are. Anyway, it's about Kent. I guess I talk about him a lot, don't I?"

"Not any more than I talk about Len."

"Maybe it's different with me. You see... well, it's like this... Kent and I have been making it with each other."

Silence fell over the table. Britney said nothing, just stared at Trina with wide eyes. Then she said, "You don't mean..."

"That's right, we've been fucking. It started last year. At first it was just petting and fooling around, but then we did the real thing and ever since then we haven't stopped. I know it's awful, I know you probably think I'm a degenerate slut, but I thought I should tell you about it because I need to talk to someone about it and you're the best friend I have. Do you think I'm horrible?"

"Oh, God," Britney groaned.

"You do think I'm horrible."

"Definitely not."

"Are you sure?"

"Baby, what you've been doing with Kent, I've been doing with Len. Not as long, but long enough. We started a few weeks ago."

This time it was Trina whose face registered shock.

"Holy Jesus," Trina said.

"You can say that again."

"I don't know whether to laugh or faint. You and Len? My God, Britney, what about David?"

"He still wants to marry me, but I'm not thinking about that now. Now all I'm thinking about is Len."

"Oh, wow. We're a pair, aren't we?"

They talked about their problems through dinner. After the meal was finished, Trina suggested they go to her place. Kent was out for the evening and they could continue drinking and talking. Britney was all for it. Now that she had someone to share her difficulties with, she felt much better. She followed Trina's car in her own to Trina's house. But it's really crazy, Britney thought. Two mothers, two friends, both fucking their sons. Who would believe it? She and Britney believed it, that's who. She wondered how many thousands of other women were in the same situation. How, could you tell anything about people just by looking at them? When they were finally inside Trina's house, the blonde brought a bottle of champagne and two glasses into the living room.

"Let's celebrate," Trina said. "It isn't every day that two women like us learn what we've learned about each other."

By the time they finished the first glass of champagne they were both on cloud nine. They sat side by side on the sofa and Trina said she was so happy about her friendship with Britney and she leaned over and kissed Britney smack on her lips. Then they kissed again and this time the kiss lasted much longer. Long enough for Trina to push her tongue inside Britney's mouth. Britney wondered what the hell was going on, but she was excited by the feel of Trina's tongue fluttering in and out between her lips.

When Trina finally pulled away, she blushed and said, "Yummy. I think I'm making a pass at you."

"That's what it seems like."

"Do you mind?"

"I think I like it."

Britney had never made it with a woman before, but she suspected Trina had.

They stared at each other and sipped their champagne and smiled. Then Trina leaned forward again to kiss Britney.

This time there was more than just a tongue in Britney's mouth. This time Trina put her hand on Britney's tits. Britney was drunk. Her head felt woozy and she had trouble sitting upright. But she wasn't too drunk to know what was going on. She liked the feel of Trina's hand fondling her tits. She sucked Trina's tongue and pushed against her to let her know she enjoyed what the blonde was doing.

When they broke the kiss, Trina said, "I feel so wild."

"Me too," Britney said.

"Two wild women."

"That's right."

Trina laughed and rose up and helped Britney to her feet.

They embraced each other. Their mouths fused in a hot kiss again. Trina's hands roamed over Britney's tits and ass and now for the first time Britney touched the blonde's tits.

"Your mouth tastes so sweet," Trina said.

"Yours too."

"How big is he?" Trina asked.

"How big is who?"

"Len, silly. How big is his cock?"

"I think ten inches, but I'm not sure."

"He must be a doll."

"Yes, he's nice."

"Kent has a monster. I guess that's really what got me started. He's got the biggest prick I've ever seen on a man and he's only a kid. I measured him once when he was semi-hard and he was right at ten inches - no exaggeration! I was afraid of it at first, afraid he would hurt me, but then I found out it was heaven. God, I love your tits. Can I have a look?"

Britney remained still as Trina unbuttoned her blouse. Her mind was filled with images of Kent's huge cock. She wondered if Trina was exaggerating the size of her son's prick.

When Trina had Britney's blouse unbuttoned, she reached behind the brunette to unsnap her bra and free her heavy tits.

"Oh, boy," Trina smiled, "that's what I call a pair of knockers. They make my mouth water."

The implication that Trina wouldn't mind sucking Britney's tits made Britney quiver with excitement.

"Yours look nice too."

"But you can't tell because I'm still dressed."

"That's right."

"It's like playing Show and Tell. We've had the Tell and now let's have the Show."

They faced each other and continued dressing. Trina's bra came off to reveal a pair of firm-looking tits with long pink nipples. She had a lovely body. When she peeled her panties off, Britney was surprised to see that Trina had a shaved pussy.

"I've been doing it for years," Trina explained. "I like the way it feels."

No matter how it felt, it looked sensational. Britney could see the blonde's pink cuntlips poking out of the top of her bald slit.

Trina moved closer to Britney now and cupped her hands under the brunette's pendant tits. "You haven't done this before, have you, honey?"


"The trick is to relax."

"I don't know what to do."

"Don't worry about that, I'll do most of it. When you feel like doing something, you do it, that's all."

Britney wasn't that ignorant about what went on between women. She'd read enough to know something about it. She had a keen desire to have Trina's mouth on her cunt. She fantasized herself stretched out on a bed with the blonde hungrily sucking the juices out of her pussy. Britney knew she'd like that. Oh, yes, indeed, she'd like that very much. They kissed and fondled each other, their hands running over tits and asses, and then finally Trina's fingers were running through the tangle of Britney's cuntbush. Britney moved her legs slightly apart and shoved her crotch forward.

Trina chuckled and probed her fingertips up and down between Britney's cuntlips. "You're sopping wet."

"This whole thing turns me on."

"Me too."

Trina slipped one finger inside Britney's cunt and gently frigged the brunette's pussy with a side-to-side motion of her whole hand.

She's an expert, Britney thought. Trina's touch was marvelous. Britney closed her eyes and savored the hot feeling in her cunt.

"Let's go upstairs," Trina whispered. "I'd like to suck about a quart of cream out of your cunt. Would you like that?"


"I'm going to suck your cunt and chew your clit until I've got you climbing the walls."

Britney trembled with excitement. She was already climbing the walls. The blonde had her wild and crazy, hungry for Trina's fingers and tongue and whatever else she had to give.

They walked up the stairs and Britney giggled as Trina fondled and pinched her ass.

"Lovely butt," Trina said.

Britney slapped Trina's broad ass. "You're not so bad yourself."

When they were inside Trina's bedroom, they moved quickly to the bed. Britney stretched out on her back and Trina hovered over her. The blonde kissed Britney's mouth and neck and then started sucking Britney's tits.

Britney loved it. Trina knew exactly how to suck and nibble her tits. Britney's nipples were soon stiff and swollen with desire.

Britney closed her eyes and quivered with anticipation. She knew that in a few moments Trina would move down to the essentials. She would have Trina's mouth on her cunt. The blonde would lick her clit and suck the hot juices out of her cunt. Finally, Trina's mouth left Britney's tits and began trailing kisses down over Britney's belly. The blonde nuzzled into Britney's thick cuntbush. Trina had a bald pussy, but she loved lots of crotch hair on other women. She loved to sniff and nibble the hair of a turned- on cunt. Britney hadn't showered since the morning and her cuntbush had a delicious piss aroma mixed in with the smell of her cuntjuice.

Trina groaned with pleasure as she sucked Britney's thick cuntlips. She teased the brunette by remaining away from her clit. Britney's clit was stiff and swollen and stuck out at the top of her slit like a little finger. Trina loved cock, but next to cock what she liked best was sucking on a stiff clit and making the woman who owned it squirm and wriggle and cry out and gush a flood of hot cunt-cream out of her cunt. Britney was dying for just that. She wanted Trina's hot mouth on her clit, but the way Trina teased and sucked all the cuntflesh around it was so good Britney did not want to stop her. She's making me crazy, Britney thought. And now Trina suddenly pulled her mouth away and a moment later Britney felt something soft and wonderful rubbing up and down in the trench of her cunt. Britney looked down and moaned with excitement as she discovered Trina with one of her tits in her hand and her long pink nipple rubbing over her cuntflesh. Trina's nipple touched Britney's stiff clit and Britney gasped.

"I think you like that," Trina teased.

"I love it!"

"Would you like me to suck your clit?"

"Oh, God, yes! Do it! Suck my clit and make me cum!"

Trina chuckled, dropping her tit and swooping down to gobble Britney's reeking cunt.

There was a sudden sound at the door of the bedroom and the two women looked and Britney cried out. Trina's son was standing there in the doorway. He looked at his mother and then he looked at Britney and then he smiled.

He rubbed his hand over the bulge in his crotch and said, "Hello, Mom."

What had happened was that Kent had come home earlier than Trina had expected him to.

At first Britney was shocked and dismayed and ready to leave, but Trina calmed her down, kissed her, stroked her tits and convinced her it wouldn't be such a bad idea if Kent just sat there and watched them. Britney thought the idea was crazy, but the champagne and the erotic atmosphere combined to weaken her to the point of yielding. She finally agreed that Kent could stay. The more she thought about it, the more the whole thing turned her on. There she was naked on a bed with the boy's mother and him sitting five feet away and watching them. He was a handsome kid. Britney wondered if Trina had been telling the truth about the size of his cock. She glanced more than once at his crotch, but there was nothing to reveal how big his prick was. Trina's hands and mouth were all over Britney, and before long she didn't care any more that Kent was watching. Trina was doing all kinds of lovely things to her. Britney was on her knees now and Trina was behind her with her face pressed into the crack of Britney's ass. Go on, Britney thought, do it. Lick my ass. Trina did it. Britney trembled as she felt Trina's wet tongue lapping up and down over her brownie.

At intervals Trina would drop her tongue down to probe Britney's dripping cunt, but she kept her tongue most of the time on Britney's ass. Britney couldn't remember when anything had felt so lovely. But if Trina expected her to return the favor, she had another guess coming. No way, Britney thought. There was a limit to what she would do with Trina. Trina could lick and suck her ass for a week if she wanted, but Britney would never reciprocate. But she's certainly a hot bitch, Britney thought. All this time in the office she hadn't suspected what Trina was really like. They rolled around on the bed now. Trina climbed over Britney and swung her tits over Britney's face.

Britney didn't mind. She opened her mouth and Trina immediately chuckled and dropped a tit between Britney's lips. Britney sucked and nibbled Trina's long nipple. The blonde's tit felt good in her mouth. She discovered how nice it was to suck a woman's tit. Why should the boys have all the fun? Britney's hands were holding Trina's hips, and now she slid a hand over Trina's belly and down to her pussy. Britney found it incredibly exciting to feel Trina's smooth hairless cuntlips under her fingertips. Trina's pussy was sopping wet and Britney fondled and stroked the blonde's cunt until Trina moaned with pleasure. Turning her head away from Trina's hanging tits, Britney looked at Kent. She gasped. The boy had his cock out of his pants and now Britney saw that Trina had been right. Kent had a giant prick, a monster, maybe nine or ten-inches, a solid bar of cockmeat with a fat cockhead the size of her fist. Mesmerized, Britney stared at Kent's cock. Then her attention was brought back to Trina as the blonde swung her body around and settled down on top of Britney. Sixty-nine. Britney knew about it, of course. She and Len did it all the time with her usually on top. But this was with a woman, and when Britney looked up, what she saw was Trina's pink hairless cunt hanging over her mouth. There it was. She could smell it. She felt Trina's mouth on her pussy and she knew Trina expected her to do the same. Why not? Britney thought. I owe her that much. Besides, she was curious what it would be like. Trina's hairless cunt looked succulent and tasty. Closing her hands over Trina's ass, Britney pulled the blonde's pussy down to her mouth.

She slurped and sucked the juice dribbling over her tongue. I'm turning into a regular cuntlapper, she thought. But of course it wasn't true. Trina's cunt was delicious, but it couldn't replace a stiff cock. Britney wished she could turn her head again to look at Kent's huge prick. Was he jerking off? She would love to watch his hand pumping that giant prick.

Now Trina pulled her mouth away from Britney's cunt and said, "I want you to fuck me. Will you do that?"

"But how?" Britney replied.

"I've got something you can use. Come on, let's do it. Just thinking about it drives me wild."

The something Trina had was a rubber dildo attached to a harness. Britney felt peculiar as Trina helped her strap it on, but in a few moments she had a big cock sprouting from her crotch and she had to giggle at how funny it was.

"You look great," Trina smiled. "Doesn't she, Kent?"

"She sure does," the boy grinned.

"I think this is crazy," Britney said.

"Never mind, just fuck me and you'll see how nice it is."

Trina got on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed, and then she lowered her shoulders and raised her ass.

From the back, Trina's bald cunt looked like a ripe fig with a pink split down the middle. Cuntjuice glistened on her drooping pink cuntlips.

Reaching back with her hands, the blonde pulled her cuntlips open to expose her gaping cunt.

"Stick it in," Trina groaned. "Come on, baby, fuck me!"

Britney put one hand on Trina's ass and the other hand on the dildo and she raised the rubber cock until the tip of it was pressing at the mouth of Trina's cunt.

Hissing through her teeth, Britney lurched forward and buried the rubber cock in Trina's cum-soaked cunt.

Britney was amazed at how nice it was. It turned her on to slam the cock home in the blonde's cunt. When she pulled the dildo partly out, she could see Trina's juices shining on the rubber shaft.

She began fucking Trina. The feel of it was something. She felt nothing through the rubber cock, of course, but each time she rammed forward she got some action against her clit.

More important than that was the general feeling, the whole idea of it. Here she was, fucking her friend Trina just as though she was a man. She could watch the blonde's broad ass wiggle and wobble as she pistoned the rubber cock in and out of her juicy cunt.

Leaning over Trina's back, Britney reached underneath to grab the blonde's hanging tits. She pinched Trina's nipples and Trina moaned.

Britney decided it was fun to fuck a woman. No wonder the guys were crazy about it. It was just as much fun to fuck a woman as it was to be a woman and get fucked.

Then Britney heard Kent pushing his chair around, and when she looked, she saw him stripping his clothes off.

His cock dangled like a huge salami halfway down to his knees. His balls were huge, like two tennis balls hanging in a pink sac. No wonder she's fucking him, Britney thought. She couldn't blame Trina for being tempted by a cock like that in the house. Trina was cumming now. She tossed her ass and cried out as the orgasm ripped through her body. Britney continued pumping the rubber cock in and out of the blonde's cunt until she was sure Trina was finished. Britney knew how awful it was for a woman to be left hanging in the middle of a orgasm. When the fuck was finished, Trina fell away onto the bed. Britney unbuckled the harness and threw the dildo away. What she wanted now was Kent's cock, and without any fanfare she sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled Kent forward and closed her mouth over his giant cockhead. She thought she'd snap something in her jaw. She had to open her mouth as wide as possible to get her lips over his cockhead and into the groove behind the flared rim of his cock-knob. The spongy head of his prick felt wonderful in her mouth. She sucked his hot cockflesh and fluttered the tip of her tongue over his cockhead.

Kent groaned and held her head with his hands. He played with her ears as she sucked and chewed his swollen cockmeat. Trina had recovered now, and when she saw Britney sitting there with Kent's big cock in her mouth, the blonde giggled and sprang off the bed. She moved around behind Kent, put her arms around him and kissed his neck. Then Trina slowly dropped down, kissing Kent's back and then his ass. Britney saw what was going on. She knew Trina had her mouth pressed against Kent's asscrack. She heard Kent groan as his mother began tonguing his ass. Crazy, Britney thought. Here she was sucking a teenaged boy's cock while his mother was sucking his ass. Sliding her hands around to his ass, Britney pulled his asscheeks open to give Trina more room to work.

Trina finally pulled her mouth away from her son's ass and said, "Why don't you let him fuck you, Britney? I'm dying to see that."

Britney was a little afraid to take that huge cock in her pussy, but she couldn't resist trying.

"All right, I'll sit on him," Britney said. "I won't do it if he's on top. His cock is too damn big."

"Silly girl," Trina teased. "He fucks me all the time."

"Never mind, I'll sit on it."

Kent didn't care one way or the other. He stretched out on his back on the bed and grinned at Britney when she climbed over him and straddled him.

The boy fixed his eyes on Britney's hairy cunt and when she noticed it she smiled down at him and said, "Would you like to suck my pussy?"

She didn't wait for an answer. She moved forward and pushed her cunt into his face. When she looked down, she could see nothing but his nose sticking over her cuntbush.

"Stick your tongue inside," she said. She squirmed her pussy over his mouth and moaned when she felt his tongue inside her cunt.

Trina was on the bed again, and now she moved behind Britney and grabbed Britney's big tits with her hands.

"How's he doing?" Trina said.

"He's doing fine."

"I think he's turned on by all the hair you've got down there. He sucks my pussy all the time and I suppose it's nice to have something different."

"I guess so," Britney said. Kent sure knew how to suck a cunt. She promised herself she would teach Len to be just as good. Finally Britney pulled her cunt off the boy's tongue and shifted backwards to get to his cock.

Once again she was amazed at the size of his prick. She held it with both hands and pushed his fat cockhead inside her cunt.

The fit was tight. She thought it might hurt, but it didn't. There was just a tight-feeling and in a moment she recognized how pleasant it was.

Slowly lowering herself, she let her pussy gobble up his huge prick down to the root.

At the end she dropped her head back and groaned.

"I told you," Trina said. She moved behind Britney to hold her tits again. "Come on, baby, give him a good ride. It turns me on to see the two of you fucking." Britney began riding him, her ass bouncing up and down on his lap, her tits jiggling in Trina's hands. She moved carefully at first, but then she discovered she was big enough to take him. After a while she fucked his big prick with abandon, crying out at the wonderful feel of all that cockmeat packing her pussy. She came finally. She reached her climax before Kent. Then the tightening of her cunt-channel around his massive cock pushed him over the brink and he began shooting his load. Trina held Kent's balls as he spurted his hot fuck-cream in Britney's pussy. Britney groaned and came again as she felt his spunk dribbling out of her cunt. At last Britney rolled off the boy with a sigh. She turned on her side to say something nice to him and she was amazed to see Trina cleaning his cock with her tongue. Britney watched it. She found it exciting. Her pussy, fucked out as it was, quivered as she watched Trina open her mouth wide to suck her son's cockhead. How can anything so beautiful be wrong? Britney thought.

Later Kent fucked his mother from behind while Britney watched. She played with his balls while he slowly pumped his big cock in and out of Trina's gaping cunt. I want Len, Britney thought. It was fun playing with Trina and Kent like this, but she wanted her own son again.

Britney felt guilty about fucking Kent. She felt she'd betrayed Len. It was one thing to see David once in a while, but to screw another teenager was really an act of disloyalty to her son. A few days after that wild evening with Trina and Kent, Britney decided she had to make it up to Len. When he came home from school, she asked him if he was in the mood to go out with her that evening. They could have dinner at a place he liked and then maybe take in a movie somewhere.

Len was all for it. "Gee, Mom, that sounds great."

"We'll have fun," Britney smiled. "Just the two of us."

At ten o'clock she dressed as though she were going out with a lover.

She had a shower, powdered her body and sprayed cologne everywhere. She put on a new black lace bra with holes cut out to leave her nipples exposed. She wore a frilly black garter belt and smoky nylons and black pumps with four-inch heels. She tried on a wispy pair of black panties, but then she decided the hell with it she would leave her pussy bare. Standing in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom, her fingers toying with the curled hairs covering her cuntlips, she was pleased at how sexy she looked. She hoped Len was ready for some hot fucking tonight. Spreading her cuntlips apart with her fingers, she looked at her red gash and quivered with anticipation. Moments later she slipped into a clinging black and white dress with a shirred bodice and spaghetti shoulder straps. She made several turns at the mirror to check for wrinkles and then she pranced out of the room to find Len and get the evening started. The restaurant was crowded and they were lucky to get a booth that had a little privacy. They sat beside each other in the booth, facing the room and talking to each other about the people.

Len recognized Mr. Melton, the high school principal. "He's a cranky old bastard," Len said.

"Is that his wife?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

Britney thought Mr. Melton was an interesting-looking man. His wife looked dowdy and dull. But then in bed maybe things were turned around and Mrs. Melton became a tigress. How could anyone tell? Britney was learning you couldn't judge people by appearances.

The food was good. After a while Britney slipped her hand into Len's lap and felt around for his cock.

"Jesus, Mom..."

"Don't worry, no one can see what I'm doing. I'm just checking up to see what's going on. It looks like everything's going on. You're as hard as a rock."

"I can't help it."

"I didn't ask you to help it. I love it." She traced the outline of his hard cock with her fingertips. She found his cockhead and squeezed the spongy knob through the cloth of his pants.

"I bet your little peehole is leaking," she said. "I wish I could get down there and suck some of that lovely juice right out of the tip of your cock."

"I wish you could, too."

"Do you like my juice, honey?"

"I love it."

"Would you like some now?"

"You know I would."

"Well, maybe I'll give you some."

The boy's eyes widened as she lifted a small roll from the basket on the table and brought it down to her lap.

She maneuvered the roll under her dress and carried it to her naked cunt.

She swabbed the roll up and down between her cuntlips, smiling at Len all the while, excited at the hot look in his eyes.

"It feels good," she said. "I'm rubbing it against my clit and around my pussy-hole."

Anxiety on his face, Len looked around the room at the people at the other tables and booths. No one seemed to be paying any attention to them.

Britney brought the roll back now. In a moment she had it over the edge of the table and in Len's hand.

She giggled. "I guess it's a little soggy, honey. Go on, have a taste."

He leered at her as he bit into the roll. He chewed the bread, rolled it over his tongue and swallowed it down.

"Delicious, Mom."

"You're a honey."

"I love the taste of your cuntjuice."

It was nearly eight o'clock when they left the restaurant to drive to the movie.

Britney parked the car in the parking lot behind the movie house and they hurried in to get their tickets.

The theater was crowded, but they found two seats towards the back and soon they were settled down together in the dark.

Britney loved the movies. She loved sitting in the dark and watching things happening on the big screen. What she liked most of all was being with someone, a lover, someone she could feel close to.

She felt braver here in the dark theater than she had in the restaurant, and before long she slid her hand into Len's lap and pulled his zipper down and brought his cock and balls out into the air.

Len had removed his jacket, and he now held it on his lap to cover what was going on.

He tried to concentrate on the movie, but with his mother's hand gently jerking him off it was terribly difficult.

Britney was enjoying herself. It was wonderful to sit in the dark like this with her hand filled with warm cockmeat. The fact that it was her son's lovely prick in her hand made it all the more exciting.

She continued playing with his cock throughout most of the picture. As the end of the film approached, she tightened her grip on his prick and pumped it a little faster.

Leaning close to him, she whispered, "Feel like coming, honey?"

"I don't think I can hold it back, Mom."

"Shoot it, baby. Let yourself go and shoot it."

She pumped her hand faster, her fingers rubbing up and down over the rim of his cockhead, and a moment later he stifled a groan as the hot spunk came spurting out of his prick. Britney giggled softly as she realized they'd have a time cleaning his jacket. She had his cum all over her fingers. Pulling her hand away from his lap, she brought her fingers to her mouth and quivered as she licked away his thick cum. When they were in the car again, she made him bring his prick out so she could clean it with her mouth. She nibbled and sucked his cockhead, licked his cockshaft and balls, and then finally she sat up and started the motor. "Now let's get home and have a party," she smiled. They were both tingling with excitement when they were finally in the house again. Britney made him sit in the living room while she turned the stereo on and did a slow striptease. The boy went wild when he saw what she was wearing under her dress. She pranced around the room on her spike heels with her nipples sticking out of the holes in her bra and her bare cuntbush framed by her garter belt and nylons. She finally approached him and leaned forward to hang her tits over his face.

"Nice titties, honey?"

"Gorgeous, Mom."

"Lick the nipples, baby. Lay some tongue right on the tips."

His tongue came out of his mouth to flutter over first one nipple and then the other. After that she moved away from him again, teasing him by not letting him touch her. She danced to the music, shaking her tits and pumping her crotch at his face. Before long he unzipped his fly and brought his cock out so he could stroke it with his hand. She finally unhooked her bra and tossed it across the room. Then she sat down beside him on the sofa and pushed his hand away from his hard prick.

"Let me do that," she smiled. "That's Mommy's job, isn't it?"

"I love you, Mom."

Curling her fingers around his throbbing cockshaft, she smiled at him as she slowly pumped his prick. He leaned close to her and fondled her heavy tits. He knew what she liked by now and the play of his fingers over her nipples and under her tits drove her wild. Letting go of his cock, she leaned back on the sofa, faced him and lifted one foot to show him the hairy gash of her cunt. As the boy watched with hot eyes, she fingered her cuntlips, spread them apart and probed two fingers inside the gaping mouth of her pussy. She quivered at the feverish lust in his eyes as she slowly pistoned her fingers in and out of her sopping cunt. She loved turning him on like this. He was so adorable when he was hot and bothered and lusting for her body.

Spreading her thighs wide, she said, "Like what you see?"

"You're all wet, Mom."

"I'm dripping, baby, and it's all for you. Have some?"

He needed no second invitation. In a moment his head was between her fleshy thighs, his mouth clamped to her oozing cunt, his tongue working inside her twitching cunt.

Holding his head with her hands, she slowly pumped her cunt at his face. She let him gobble her pussy awhile, and then she pushed him away and made him stand up in front of her so she could suck his rampant prick. His cock was bone hard now, throbbing and dripping. The cockhead in his luscious cockhead oozed a glob of precum and she mewled with pleasure as she caught it on her tongue and swallowed it down. She sucked his lovely prick. She decided she liked Len's cock much more than Kent's monster. A huge cock was fun to play with, but there was much more you could do with a cock like Len's. The most important thing was that she could get him all the way inside her mouth, his cockhead deep in her throat and his heavy balls pressed against her chin. The boy always went out of his skull when she took him deep- throat like that, and as she did it now he groaned and shuddered in a wild ecstasy. She pulled her mouth off his prick before he came. He had puzzlement in his eyes as she told him to turn around and bend forward. The puzzlement became a gasp and a groan as she pushed her mouth between his asscheeks to get her tongue inside his tight ass. She tongue-fucked his ass awhile, one hand around the front to stroke his cock and tickle his balls. Finally she released him and made him turn around.

Holding his swollen nuts in her hand, she told him she wanted him to fuck her ass.

A glitter came into his eyes as he looked down at her. "You mean it, Mom?"

"Of course I mean it."

"Won't it hurt?"

"Not if you do it right. You've got to go slowly at first. Nice and easy. After a while you can move a little faster. I'll tell you when. Just do what I tell you and everything will be fine."

She was hot. Her heart was thumping in her chest and her pussy was dripping as she knelt on the rug and leaned forward to rest her elbows on the sofa. She was dying to have his cock in her ass. A long time had passed since she'd had her ass reamed out by a stiff prick. David liked to do it but he was always too rough with her. She would teach Len what she needed and before long it would be wonderful and become a regular part of their fucking. No matter what anyone said, she always had the strongest orgasms when she had a cock in her ass. She quivered with anticipation as she lowered her head and offered herself. Kneeling on the rug behind his mother, Len's blood raced as he gazed at her luscious ass. He ran his hands over her asscheeks, and then he gave in to the urge and lowered his head to kiss and lick her asscrack. Britney mewled and wiggled her hips as the boy's mouth worked between her asscheeks. He kissed up and down the trench between her ass and her cunt, and then he pulled away and stroked her fat cuntlips with his fingers.

"That's it, baby. Fuck my pussy a little with your cock. Then get some of the juice out with your fingers and put it on my brownie. We could use Vaseline, but pussy-juice is better. Then you put a couple of fingers up my ass and loosen it up. After that your cock will go in there nice and easy."

She groaned as he slid his long thick prick inside her cunt.

When he hit bottom, she reached underneath to grab his balls and pull them against her clit.

He backed off and began pumping his cock in and out of her cunt. He was an expert cunt-fucker by now and she had to hold off the temptation to tell him to ram her hard with his stiff prick.

"No more in the pussy, baby. I want it in the ass. Get some juice up there like I told you."

His thick cock came out of her pussy with a sucking sound.

She quivered as he scooped some cuntjuice out of her cunt and brought it up to the tight grommet of her ass. She forced herself to relax, forced her body to be loose and receptive. Her ass opened like a tiny mouth and a moment later his fingers pushed inside her steaming ass. Trembling with excitement, Len gazed down at his mother's lush ass, at his fingers stretching her ass wide. He found it difficult to believe he was actually doing it. He was fingerfucking his mother's ass and in a few moments he would stick his cock in there. After dreaming about it for so long, it was hard to believe the time had actually arrived. Her ass soon loosened up around his pistoning fingers. He could feel it. There was no need for her to tell him now was the time. Pulling his fingers out of her ass, he brought his cockhead up to the dark grommet of her ass and slowly eased the spongy knob inside.

Britney groaned and the boy hissed as his cock slowly slid into the heat of her ass. As always when she took a cock in her ass, she felt as though the business end of a baseball bat was being pushed inside her ass. There was no pain. His fingers had loosened her ass and all she had now was a deep pleasure at the intense feeling of being stuffed with his cockmeat. As far as Len was concerned, this was the first time in his life he had a cock in a woman's ass and he thought he was in Paradise. Her ass gripped his prick in a way that was impossible for her cunt. It was really closer to having his cock in her mouth and her lips gripping his cockshaft tightly.

And it was hot. The heat of her ass surrounded his cock and blew his mind. He gave her the full length of his cock, pushing forward until every-inch of his prick was embedded in her ass. He let it soak awhile. He leaned over her back and grabbed her big tits and whispered in her ear. "I love it, Mom." Britney groaned. "I love it, too, baby. Fuck me now. Fuck my ass and make me cum." He straightened up, gripped her big ass with his hands and started fucking. He moved slowly at first, but soon his cock was sliding in and out of her stretched ass with force. Her asscheeks wobbled each time he slammed forward against them.

"Fuck it!" she cried. "Fuck my ass, baby, fuck it hard!"

She came when he started blasting his load inside her ass. She milked his spurting cock with her ass, clamping down on his sliding prick as the hot globs of cum jetted out of his cockhead.

Grunting, his head thrown back, the boy emptied his balls and slumped forward against her body.

Len began having trouble at school. His exam grades were falling. At first Britney thought it would pass, but instead of passing it got worse. She talked to the boy about it and he said maybe he needed some help with a few things. The problem was the teachers were always busy and he couldn't get a teacher to give any kind of help that meant anything. He promised her he would spend more time in the evening studying. Britney felt guilty. Maybe all the fucking they'd been doing was taking its toll on the boy. Maybe all the sex was harming him. One afternoon she was downtown in a department store, and as she was about to leave she saw someone she thought she recognized.

Yes, she did know him. It was Mr. Melton, the high school principal. He was buying something at a ladies underwear counter. Britney was amused and wondered if it was for his wife. Melton received his package and turned toward Britney and their eyes met. He looked her up and down, his glance hesitating on the swell of her tits, and then he smiled. Britney had a sudden inspiration. She smiled back at him and said, "It's nice to shop when the store is empty, isn't it?"

They started talking. She made a pretense of buying some nylons and soon she was asking his advice about the various shades and about whether pantyhose were really going out of style. He was very much a gentleman, polite and easygoing, and fifteen minutes after they met he invited her to have a drink with him in a nearby cocktail lounge. Britney, of course, agreed. Having a drink with him was her plan all along. She wondered why the hell the principal of the high school wasn't back in his office doing whatever principals do, but as long as he was here she had an idea she might be able to help Len. Inside the cocktail lounge they sat beside each other in a dark booth. They had one drink and then two drinks and then they were flirting openly with each other.

When the third drink arrived, he had his arm pushing against her tit and she had her hand on his thigh. His first name was Martin and he readily admitted he was married. But he said nothing about being the high school principal and Britney said nothing about Len being one of his students.

It took some time for him to get around to the main point, but finally he said, "This place is a little stuffy, don't you think? We could find something better than this."

"Like where?" Britney said. She was feeling the alcohol and her fingers gripped his thigh as she tried to steady herself.

"Well... What about a hotel?"

Britney giggled. "That means hanky-panky."

He giggled back at her. "I certainly hope so."

She left the cocktail lounge hanging on his arm.

The fresh air outside cleared her head a bit and she deliberately leaned her body against his as they walked to her car. He said he had his car in a mechanic's place, but she thought maybe he was worried she would find out who he was.

Inside the car it was his turn to put a hand on her thigh. He kept the hand there as she drove to a motel down the road. By the time he came out of the motel office with a room-key, her head was completely clear and her pussy completely wet. Melton hurried her into a room and locked the door and closed the blinds and turned and smiled at her.

"Well, here we are," he said. "How about a little kiss?"

She stepped forward into his arms and in a moment their tongues were tangled.

She could feel his hard cock pressing against her belly. Sliding her hand between their bodies, she ran her fingertips over the outline of his cock and pinched his cockhead. Melton groaned under her lips. She found his zipper and pulled it down. Sliding her hand inside his pants, she brought his cock out and stroked his foreskin back and forth over his cockhead. When they finally broke the kiss, she looked down at his cock and smiled at the way his cockhead was dripping juice on her wrist.

"What have we here?" she said. "It looks to me like the cannon is almost ready to go off."

She slipped her hand inside his pants again and pulled his balls out. She stepped back to look at him, her eyes hot as she gazed at the way the meat of his cock and balls dangled out of his fly.

Melton turned boyish. His aggressiveness was gone. Her bold approach had completely subdued him.

"Show me what's in that package," she said.


"You bought something in the store."

"It's a garter belt for my wife."

"Something sexy?"


"You naughty boy! Let me see."

He reluctantly opened the package and handed her a black lace garter belt. His cock and balls were still hanging out of his fly and each time they jiggled around her pussy twitched in response.

She held the garter belt against her waist and smiled at him. "I'll try it on. I'll model it for you and you'll get a chance to see what it looks like. You just sit over there and wait for me."

His face flushed, his cock still dripping, Melton sat down.

Britney vanished into the bathroom and five minutes later she reappeared wearing nothing but the garter belt and her nylons and her sling-back four-inch heels.

A great sigh of pleasure escaped Melton's chest as he looked at her.

She pranced around the room, posing for him, her hands cupped under her big tits and her fingers rolling her fat nipples. Her pussy was swollen and wet and beads of cuntjuice glistened on the cunthairs covering her cuntlips. Melton held his balls in one hand and his cock in the other hand as he gazed at her. He slowly stroked his prick as she wiggled in front of him.

She smiled down at him and said, "Let me have a taste of that."

He opened his legs as she slid down to her knees in front of him. Pushing his hands away, she fingered his bloated balls and cockshaft and sucked his cockhead into her wet mouth. Melton closed his eyes and groaned.

She sucked his meaty prick. His cockhead was tasty. He had lots of foreskin and she liked the way it pressed against her lips as she sucked his leaking knob. She did not want him to cum in her mouth. Dropping his prick from her lips, she rose up and posed for him again. When she turned her back to him and looked at him over her shoulder, she saw the intense glitter in his eyes as he gazed at her ass.

"Like my ass?"

He made a croaking sound. "Yes."

"Are you an ass man?"

"That's right."

"Mmmmmm, I love it when a man pays attention to my ass. Would you like to kiss it?"

Backing up, she leaned forward and presented her ass to his face. Melton ran his hands over her hips, stroking her skin from the garter belt down to the tops of her nylons, and then he nuzzled his face into the crack of her ass. He sniffed and kissed her creamy asscheeks. His tongue came out of his mouth and he licked up and down her asscrack.

Britney giggled, straightened up and turned around. "Now my pussy," she said. "We don't want to ignore it, do we?"

She pushed her crotch forward and Melton buried his mouth in her cuntbush.

He was good. She stood there with her legs apart, gazing down between her tits at his mouth working in her crotch. Using both hands, she peeled her cuntlips apart to give him the bare meat of her pussy. She let him suck and lick her dripping cunt awhile, and then she pulled away and went to the bed. She knew how to get him crazy. Kneeling on the bed with her ass facing him, she reached back and pulled her asscheeks apart to show him what she had. Melton made a gurgling sound and quickly stripped his clothes off. He climbed onto the bed behind her and swooped down to kiss her ass. He licked and nibbled her asscheeks and then once again his tongue was inside her asscrack. This time he zeroed in on her ass. She pushed back, pressing her ass against his face, opening her ass to let his wet tongue slither inside. He stroked his tongue in and out of her brownie, his hands squeezing and mauling her asscheeks. Finally pulling his mouth away from her ass, he told her he wanted to fuck her ass.

Britney refused. She wanted him hanging like a fish on a hook. "We'll do that next time," she said. "Right now I want it in my pussy. Put it in me, honey. Fuck my pussy with that big cannon."

He pinched her ass and leaned over to grab her tits and then he fisted his cock and pushed his swollen cockhead inside her cunt. With a grunt of satisfaction he rammed his hips forward and buried his prick in her steaming cunt. It was a strong and lusty fuck, and when he finally came the feel of his hot cum gushing inside her cunt-channel brought her off. They lay on the bed side by side after he pulled out of her. He talked about himself and about his wife and hinted around, and Britney finally pushed him into revealing a surprise. Melton told her that he and his wife were swingers and he invited her to come home with him.

"You mean for a threesome?"

"That's right," he said. "I think you'll like my wife."

"I'm sure I would. But how about if I bring a friend along? I think four can be more fun than three, don't you?"


"He's young. Does your wife go for the young ones?"


"You think your, uh, wife would be interested?"

"I know it. Come on over this evening at about nine o'clock. How's that?"

"Sounds fine. Now let's see if we can get you hard again so you can fuck me one more time."

She moved her head down to his crotch and began kissing and licking his soft prick. His cockhead was completely covered by his foreskin now, and she gently skinned it and took the pink knob of his cock between her lips. She sucked his cockhead, nibbled the spongy flesh of his cockhead as her fingers jiggled his nuts. Sliding her fingers under his balls, she found his ass and drilled a fingertip inside his ass. He groaned and his cock began to get hard in her mouth. She sucked his cock until he was stiff enough to fuck and then she sat on it and rode him to a finish. It was almost three o'clock when they left the motel room. He still hadn't told her he was the school principal.

Another con artist, she thought. He's got the school board thinking he's Mr. Clean when all the time he and his wife are swingers.

She wondered about his wife. That woman she'd seen him with in the restaurant that night didn't look like much of a swinger. When she got home, the first thing Britney did was tell Len about her afternoon with Mr. Melton. Len knew she went out with men sometimes and he was never jealous. But this time he was shocked out of his boots.

"Melton, the school principal?"

"That's right, lover," Britney smiled. "What do you think of that?"

"Holy shit!"

"Are you coming along with me tonight? I've got a plan to solve your problems at school. Anyway, how can you turn down a chance to fuck the principal's wife?"

He couldn't, of course. He started quivering with anticipation as soon as they agreed he would go.

Britney was also looking forward to it. The idea of watching Len sock it to another woman turned her on. She was realizing her affair with her son had opened unlimited possibilities.

Her blood raced as she thought about the evening ahead.

Dana Melton turned out to be something. She was the same woman they'd seen in the restaurant that night, but now she looked completely different. Now she did not look dowdy at all. She wore heavy make-up and a blonde wig and a party dress that had a bare back and a slit half-way up her thigh. If you looked at the slit you could see where the top of her stocking ended and the creamy flesh of her thigh began.

She welcomed them with a flashy smile. "So glad you could come. My God, he's adorable. Where did you find such a cute one?"

Len blushed as she patted his cheek.

Britney suspected they were in for a hot time with the Haverkamps. Dana looked like the sort of woman who could pull all the stops out and end the evening by going completely crazy.

Britney was satisfied. She wanted the Haverkamps to go crazy. She'd have a great time watching Len in action and then she'd have Martin Melton around her little finger.

They sat in the living room making small talk and pretending to be civilized. Martin put some tapes on the stereo and before long Dana smiled at Len and asked him to dance. As soon as they were on the floor, Martin moved over to sit beside Britney on the sofa.

"What do you think of my wife?" he said.

"She's very nice."

"She's crazy about the kid."

"I can see that."

"I was wondering if he's from around here, I mean locally. Is he a local kid?"

"No, he lives in Hinsdale. His mother works here in town and he drives in with her once in a while."

"That's great."

Sure it's great, Britney thought. Melton was worried Len might be a local boy and a student at the high school. Britney was amazed that Melton was such a dummy. He had his cock working instead of his brain and it was a wonder he could function as a school principal.

Dana knew how to dance. She was up there flapping her elbows and shaking her tits like a teenager. She had big knockers, and each time she jerked her body her tits threatened to spill over the top of her dress.

Then a slow number came on and Len and Dana moved in close. Britney enjoyed seeing Len holding another woman in his arms. She couldn't understand it. She thought she ought to be jealous, but she wasn't. Seeing him with Dana actually turned her on.

Martin slipped an arm around Britney's shoulders and dropped his hand over the mound of her tit. Britney cuddled against him and he pinched her nipple through her blouse.

"I had a great time this afternoon," Martin said.

"Yes, it was nice."

"Are you going to let me do what you didn't let me do this afternoon?"

"You really dig that, don't you?"

"You bet."

"All right, we'll see."

It was thrilling to her that he was dying to fuck her ass. When a man was hungry for it like that, it always made it more exciting.

When Britney looked at the couple on the floor again, she saw that Dana was kissing Len and moving her hand over his crotch.

Seeing that turned Britney on. She crossed her legs and squeezed her cuntlips by flexing her thigh muscles. She'd known it would be damn exciting to see Len making it with another woman.

"My wife's a fast worker," Martin said with a chuckle.

"She sure is. I hope she gives the boy time to breathe."

Dana gave him time to breathe, but not much more. Before long, she unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out. She continued dancing with him while her hand milked and stroked his hard prick.

Martin had his hand inside Britney's neckline and his fingers rolling her nipple. Then he dipped his hand down a bit more and scooped her tit out over the top of her dress.

Britney quivered. She decided that so far she liked everything that was going on. She liked the way Dana handled Len's cock and she liked the way Martin handled her tit.

Martin Melton might be a school principal, but he and his wife were a couple of hot fuckers.

Len and Dana were not dancing any more. Dana had pulled over a velvet-covered footstool and now she had Len's cock in her mouth. She had his balls out of his fly and her fingers jiggled the boy's nuts as she sucked the knob of his prick.

Martin said, "Does that turn you on?"

"And how," Britney said. She wondered what Martin would say if he knew Len was her son.

Dana dropped Len's cock out of her mouth and looked at Britney. "He's delicious," the blonde said. "You wouldn't want to give him to me, would you?"

"I don't think so," Britney said with a smile. "Anyway, you have Martin."

Martin chuckled. "I'm glad someone thinks I'm worth something. Come on, Dana do a strip for us. Show the boy something. You can't suck his dick all night."

Dana seemed reluctant to let go of Len's cock. But finally she dropped his prick and stepped back to begin undressing.

The blonde had huge H-cup tits, massively fat jugs that hung down like two watermelons. Her nipples were enormous and painted with a dark red rouge that made them look like oversize strawberries waiting to be sucked. She stripped down to gartered black fishnet stockings and black patent leather pumps and nothing else. She had light-brown cunt hair, but there was very little of it and the top of her slit was completely visible. She held her mammoth tits in her hands and teased Len into getting his clothes off. When the boy was naked, Dana cooed and crouched down behind his ass and buried her face between his asscheeks. Britney could tell by the dreamy expression on Len's face that Dana was doing a job on his ass.

Finally Dana pulled her face away from Len's ass and she stretched out on the rug. She ran her hands over her huge tits and opened her creamy thighs and told Len to get in the saddle. Len looked at his mother, and Britney nodded, and Len smiled. Sure, Britney thought, go on and fuck her. Britney's pussy was wet as she watched the boy slide between Dana's waiting thighs. Dana helped him get his cock inside her pussy. The boy grunted and lurched forward and buried himself balls deep in her cunt. They started fucking, Dana's thighs wide open, Len's hard little ass pumping up and down as his prick slid in and out of her cum-soaked pussy.

Martin pinched Britney's nipple and said, "Go sit on her face."

Britney looked at him. "Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure. She loves it. She'll suck whatever you put in her mouth. You stick your ass in her mouth and she'll suck that too."

"Mmmmm, I could go for that."

"You like that, huh?"

"Who doesn't?"

"Go on, then, see if she's any good."

Britney was tempted. She peeled her clothes off, stripped everything off until she was completely naked. Martin chuckled and pinched her ass and then she slipped away from him and moved to the couple on the rug. Facing Len, smiling at the boy, Britney squatted over Dana's face and slowly eased herself down. Dana mewled with delight. She grabbed Britney's ass and pulled her down more firmly. Britney shuddered with pleasure as she felt Dana's nose pushing against her ass and Dana's tongue swabbing out her cunt.

Dana knew a thing or two about eating a woman's crotch. As Len fucked his prick in and out of Dana's pussy, she sucked the juices out of Britney's cunt. Then Britney squirmed and shifted forward a bit to get Dana's tongue directly on her ass. Dana made a squealing sound of pleasure and went to town. Her tongue slithered inside Britney's brownie and in a moment Dana was tongue-fucking Britney's ass while Len prick-fucked Dana's cunt. Britney looked at Len's face and they smiled at each other. The boy was huffing and puffing, his face flushed and his forehead sweating, but he was obviously having a marvelous time. And I'm not doing so bad myself, Britney thought. The feel of Dana's tongue in her ass was delicious.

Britney decided that later she would let Martin fuck her ass. If he was decent enough to let his wife loosen up her ass, she would be decent enough to let him fuck it. Maybe Dana would suck her ass again before they did it. Britney was turned on by the idea of having Martin's cock lubricated by his wife's spit while he fucked another woman's ass. Len was unable to hold out any longer and he shot his load in Dana's cunt. The big blonde wriggled and pumped her pussy at his thrusting cock as the boy's cum spurted into her.

After that Len rolled away to rest and Britney leaned forward with her head on Dana's belly. She had her face near Dana's pussy. She could see the blonde's pink cuntlips gaping open. Yielding to a sudden urge, Britney clamped her mouth over Dana's cunt and began sucking Len's cum out of the woman's oozing gash. It was good. The boy had shot a big load and Dana's pussy was big enough so that Britney found it easy to suck everything out. Britney found it thrilling to suck her son's spunk out of another woman's pussy. All this time Martin had been sitting on the sofa with his cock in his hand. Now he stripped his clothes off to join the group in the center of the room. He moved behind Britney and gazed down to watch his wife suck and lick the brunette's ass. Dana finally pulled her tongue out of Britney's ass and looked up at her husband. "I suppose you want her ass," the blonde said.

Martin chuckled. "What do you think!"

He ran his hands over Britney's ass and tested her ass with his finger to see how loose it was.

"Go on, she's ready," Dana said.

I sure am, Britney thought. She knew what was going on back there. She still had her mouth on Dana's steaming cunt. The blonde had a tasty pussy. Britney had sucked all of Len's cum out of it and now she was down to Dana's creamy cuntjuice. Go on, stick it up my ass, Britney thought.

Martin did just that. He rubbed his cockhead back and forth over Britney's grommet and then pushed forward to snap the head of his prick inside her ass. Her face turned up beneath Britney's ass, Dana's eyes glittered with lust as she watched her husband push his prick into the ass of another woman. Dana thought the arrangement was perfect. They had Britney's mouth sucking at her cunt and Britney's ass sucking at Martin's cock. Dana loved the way the boy had fucked her. There was nothing sweeter than teen cock. Later she would suck his prick and balls and ass and get him hard again. These two couldn't fool her. The brunette was the boy's mother. Stupid Martin might be fooled, but she wasn't. She envied Britney. She was sure Britney made it her business to get her daily ration of spunk out of the teenager's balls. Britney moaned into Dana's sopping cunt. She loved the feel of Martin's cock in her ass. He had a lovely way of stroking his prick in and out of her ass. He knew just what a woman needed in there. It was great fun when Len did it, but the boy lacked the patience of an older man. Len was recovered now. He slowly pumped his cock with his fist as he watched the trio on the rug. He wondered what his friends at school would think if they knew what was going on here.

The boy adored his mother. He was happy to see the pleasure she was getting from Melton's cock in her ass. She seemed to be having a good time with Dana's cunt.

Too bad for Dana, Len thought. He had a better use for his mother's mouth. Crawling over to them, he squatted in front of his mother's face and shoved his cock inside her gaping mouth.

The next day after lunch, Britney showed up at Melton's office in the high school.

He was surprised to see her, but he asked her to sit down and he closed the office door.

"Listen," he said, "I don't know how you found out I'm the principal here, but I don't like my private life brought into the office."

"Bullshit," Britney said.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean bullshit, Martin. You remember last night?"

"Of course I remember last night."

"You remember Len? He's my son and he's a student here."

"Oh, shit."

"Dana didn't say that when she had her tongue in his ass. She said something about how lovely it was."

"What do you want?"

"The kid's been having some difficulty with his schoolwork. I want you to assign a teacher to him as a tutor."

"That's all you want?"


"All right, I'll arrange it."

"And one other thing."

"I thought so. What is it?"

"If you lock the office door, I'll let you fuck me in the ass again."

"You don't give me a chance," David said.

"Oh, David," Britney said.

They were at a drive-in movie, sitting there in the dark watching the screen. The picture was a bore and once again David was talking about marriage.

She slipped her hand into his lap and squeezed the bulge of his cock.

David grunted. "When are you going to marry me?"

"I haven't said Yes.

"Then say it now."

"I can't make a commitment now, I really can't. Let's not talk about marriage, let's talk about this." She squeezed his cock again. "You've got a nice boner down there. Don't you want to do something with it?"

"You're a witch."

"I thought you said I was sexy and beautiful."

"I'd like to eat your ass."

"Yummy. And after that?"

"After that I'll fuck it."

"Will you eat my pussy too?"

"I'll suck strawberries out of your cunt."

"Oh, boy. In the meantime let's get this big dick out in the open. God, look at it, David, your cock is as big as a baseball bat."

"Big and hot."

"Big and leaking. You're dripping juice all over my hand."

She swooped down to engulf his cockhead in her mouth.

She sucked lustily on the knob of his prick. David was a sweet guy and she liked him. If it hadn't been for her affair with her son, she might seriously think about marrying him. But there was no way she could marry anyone until Len was on his own. She wasn't even sure she wanted that to ever happen.

She adored Len.

No matter how nice it was with David or some other men, the fucking was never better than it was with Len and usually it was worse.

Len was a marvelous lover now. They were into a steady and comfortable routine. They fucked no more than three or four times a week. During the rest of the time she stayed away from him to let the tension build up. He also had a girlfriend now. Her name was Sarah and Len said they did a lot of sucking and jerking off together but not much real fucking. Britney didn't mind. She knew it was important for Len to be with girls his own age. When she and Len did fuck, it was always marvelous and she was satisfied with that.

She loved the taste and feel of David's big cock in her mouth. The musky male smell of his crotch came out of his fly and filled her nose. She rolled the fruity knob of his prick in her mouth and sucked up the juice leaking out of his cockhead.

His cock was hard and throbbing and she knew that if she wanted to she could make him cum. She decided to take his load in her mouth to calm him down. It was already near midnight and there wouldn't be any time to fuck tonight.

Anyway, she had a desire tonight to fill her mouth with cum.

Swirling her tongue over his cockhead, she curled her fingers around his cockshaft and began jerking him off.

David grunted. "Hey, babe, you'll bring me off like that."

"That's what I want," she said.

"What the hell for?"

"It's late, honey. Come on, make it in my mouth and next time we'll fuck."

He groaned and leaned back. How could he argue with her when she had his cock in her mouth and her hand pumping his prick to a finish?

He came soon. His hot cum spurted against her tongue. She sucked his cock-knob and rolled his spunk over her teeth before swallowing it down. She loved the tart taste of cum and now she would have the taste of him in her mouth until she got home.

David talked about marriage again as they left the drive- in, but he was becoming resigned to the fact that she probably wouldn't agree to marry him for some time.

Britney suspected he might find some other woman to marry. Maybe it was better that way. Maybe she was being unfair to David and she ought to let him go.

When she kissed David goodnight and entered the house, she found Len watching TV in the living room.

"Well, you're up late," she said with a smile.

"Hi, Mom."

She sat down next to him on the sofa and kissed his cheek. He was her true lover. Being near him never failed to give her pussy a buzz. Even now, even after having David's cock in her mouth no more than twenty minutes ago, she was still turned on by Len.

They kissed again, and then she sat back on the sofa and he stretched out with his head in her lap.

She smiled at him and opened her blouse and brought one of her tits out for him to suck. When he had her nipple in his mouth, she pulled his zipper down and scooped his cock and balls out of his pants.

She played with his prick as he nursed on her tit. "It's amazing," she said.

He dropped her nipple out of his mouth. "What's amazing, Mom?"

"How much you turn me on. Maybe it's because you're so young. I always did like boys better than men. Maybe that's what it is."

"You think so?"

"I don't know."

He chuckled. "Maybe you ought to try one of my friends."

"I'm not that crazy. Anyway, you're all I need."

"Seriously, Mom."

"Seriously, what?"

"You had a good time with me and old Melton, didn't you?"

"Sure, it's fun for a woman when she has two men."

"I could bring a friend over, a guy my own age. Would you like that?"

She was shocked at the idea. But of course she'd thought about it. She'd had a fantasy of being fucked by Len and Kent. The trouble was Kent and Trina were in Texas somewhere and they wouldn't be back for months.

"You're a little devil," she said. "Have you told anyone about us, any of your friends?"

"No one, I swear it."

"It's too dangerous."

"I know someone who wouldn't talk."

"How can you be so sure?"

"That's easy," Len smirked. "He's been making it with his own mother, so why should he talk about us?"

The boy's name was William Peterson, and the minute he walked into the house Britney realized she knew his mother. She remembered talking to Marcia Peterson at a number of PTA meetings. The physical resemblance between William and his mother was striking and there was no doubt who he was.

When Britney asked him if his mother's name was Marcia, he said yes. Britney was tickled pink. Marcia Peterson was a stuck-up bitch and the idea that she was involved in an incestuous affair with her own son made Britney happy. One thing was sure. She and Len had no reason to fear they were the only mother and son in town who were lovers. She made lunch for the boys. It was Saturday and they had the whole afternoon ahead of them. Britney tingled with anticipation as she sat at the table and ate her lunch with Len and his friend. After lunch Britney left the boys watching a football game in the living room and she went upstairs to change her clothes. What should she wear? She searched through her closet and she finally decided on a silk blouse and side-button skirt. By using only a few of the top buttons, she'd have a slit in the skirt nearly up to her ass. With stay-up stockings and no panties under the skirt, she'd be able to give the boys a flash of her ass whenever she felt like it. Her excitement grew as she wondered what William was like in bed. Was he as good at eating cunt as Len was?

When she walked downstairs and into the living room, she could tell the boys had been talking about her. She smiled and sat down on the sofa between them.

"Well, here I am," she said. "I've got a cute boy on each side of me and all they're interested in is football."

The boys protested. She kissed William's cheek and pulled him against her.

"Do you think I'm pretty?" she said.

"Hell, yes, Mrs. Monroe."

"Maybe you'd better call me Britney."

"All right, Britney."

"That's better." She smiled when she saw his eyes on the neckline of her blouse. "Do you like my boobs?"

"I like big tits."

"You sure speak your mind, don't you?"

"That's right."

"Do you know how to make a woman feel good?"


"I bet you do. Go on, touch me. Feel my tits."

He put his hand on her. He closed his fingers into the flesh of one of her tits. He squeezed one tit and then the other and finally she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it aside to expose her tits.

William looked at her tits and grinned. "You've got big knockers."

She held the tit nearest him with two hands and offered the nipple to his mouth. "Suck it, honey. Do a good job on it."

A growl came out of his throat as he swooped down to gobble her tit. She turned to Len and offered him the other boob and in a moment she had both boys sucking at her tits like two calves.

The sensation was marvelous. She'd never had two mouths on her tits before and it felt wonderful.

She slid her hand into William's lap and pinched his cock. He had a hardon. She tried to get his zipper down, but she couldn't do it. Pushing his face away from her tit, she told him to get his cock out.

He leered at her as he brought his dick out. He was no older than Len, but he seemed more experienced. She wondered how long he'd been fucking his mother.

She liked his prick. She skinned his cockhead and rubbed her thumb over his cockhead. She squeezed his cockshaft and a glob of juice oozed out of her fingers.

"Stand up," she said. "Both of you stand in front of me."

She made Len unzip and bring his cock out too. They stood there in front of her, their lovely pricks dangling out of their pants. She feasted her eyes on their cockflesh and then she swooped down to take both cockheads in her mouth at the same time.

Double jeopardy, she thought. It was marvelous to have her mouth filled with cockflesh like this, but she knew it was dangerous to have William know about her and Len.

No matter, it was too late and she might as well enjoy herself.

After sucking their pricks, alternating from one to the other, she sat back and told them to get undressed.

She pulled her legs up to expose her cunt as they peeled their clothes off.

William's eyes glittered as he stared at her steaming twat.

"You like pussy, William?"

"Sure," he said.

"Come on upstairs and let's see how good you are at sucking a wet cunt."

He was not bad at all. Upstairs in the bedroom she lay on the bed with her knees pulled back to her tits and both boys licking and sucking her cum-soaked gash.

She loved it. She didn't care what anyone thought. Some people might think she was a depraved woman to have two boys on a bed with her like this, but she didn't care. William knew how to suck pussy as good as Len. They slurped and sucked at her clit and pussy like trained puppy dogs.

She finally pushed them away and made William straddle her chest so she could suck his cock and balls.

She licked and chewed his prick and ball-bag. His cockflesh had a lovely taste of sweat and cum. His pink balls were bloated and his prick was stiff as iron.

She made him stretch out on the bed and she climbed over him to get his cock in her cunt.

Leaning over him, hanging her big tits over his young face, she tightened her cunt muscles around his cockshaft and smiled as he groaned.

"You like that, honey?"

He made a croaking sound. "Yes!"

She turned her head to look at Len and smiled. "All right, baby, get behind me and stick your prick in my ass. You don't want William to have all the fun, do you?"

Len grinned at his mother and moved behind her lush ass. He rubbed her ass with his fingers, and then a moment later he pushed his bone-hard cock inside the hot tunnel of her ass.

Britney shuddered and groaned. Her cunt-hole and ass packed with young cockmeat, she began rocking her hips back and forth between their two bodies.

It couldn't be wrong. It was too good to be wrong. Fuck anyone who thought differently about it.

A year went by. Britney had a lovely time with Len. David married a little blonde hairdresser and moved to Portland. Britney was sad about that at first, but she had Len and in a month or two she forgot about David.

What difference did David make? No man could give her what she was getting from Len.

The boy kept her pussy on fire. He was always ready to fuck or suck or do anything she wanted.

Sometimes she thought the constant sexual excitement was no good for her health. She discreetly asked her doctor about it, but he said it was probably good for her. He even hinted he wouldn't mind throwing her a fuck right there in the office. She said nothing to him about Len, of course. She decided to turn the doctor down, but then she compromised and jerked him off into the wastebasket in his office. He seemed happy. He dropped her bill in half and patted her ass as she walked out.

When Len's birthday approached, Britney convinced him to have a party in the house.

"You're only young once," she said. "Besides, it'll give me a chance to meet all your friends."

Len agreed. Britney hadn't thought of anything except an innocent party and a houseful of teenagers, but as the evening arrived she found herself thinking how nice it would be to have a house filled with teenage cock and pussy.

A dozen boys and girls. Control yourself, she thought. She had more interest in the cocks than in the pussies, but one or the other it was all sex. A crowd of teenagers exuded sex. It was all around you in the air and sooner or later it got in your nose and filled your head.

She wore a party dress, a red taffeta thing with a plunging neckline and ruffles. She looked gorgeous. The boys and girls treated her like a movie queen and she pranced around the house bubbling with happiness.

She knew a few of Len's friends, but most of the crowd were in the house for the first time.

William Peterson was there. They had their little secret and the boy was clever enough to conceal he knew her better than the others.

Len's girlfriend Sarah was there. Britney had met the girl briefly a few times, but this was the first chance she had to get to know her. Sarah was a slender blonde with blue eyes and long legs and a pair of hefty tits too big for her slim chassis. The girl had lovely lips and a seductive smile and whenever Britney looked at her Britney found herself picturing Len's cock in the girl's mouth.

I'm not jealous, Britney thought.

But she was. After a while she admitted to herself that she was jealous of Sarah and afraid she would lose Len.

It was a noisy party, the kids dancing and laughing downstairs, stuffing themselves with cake and soda pop. Before long Britney realized there were couples sneaking upstairs to neck awhile. The boy and girl would return to the party with the girl mussed and the boy's eyes glazed. Britney had a great time. She spiked her Coke with rum and flirted with some of the boys. She loved the way they looked at her, the way their eyes bored into the valley between her tits. Halfway through the evening she had to pee. The downstairs bathroom had a line waiting for it and she climbed the stairs to her bedroom. She walked into her room, closed the door and headed straight for the connecting bathroom. Lifting her dress and lowering her panties to her knees, she sat down and started pissing. Suddenly a slight noise in the bedroom caught her attention. She turned her head and looked at the bed through the open door, and now for the first time she saw the boy. He was lying on her bed on his side, one hand supporting his head and his eyes fixed on her as if he was hypnotized.

"Oh my," Britney said. She was startled but she continued pissing. "I had no idea you were here."

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Monroe. I just came up to rest awhile. All the other rooms were busy, so I came in here."


"I didn't get much steep last night. I had some of the guys at my house."

"And here I am with my panties down."

"I won't look any more."

"Never mind, honey, I don't care."

She finished peeing, wiped her pussy and rose up. She deliberately held her dress at her waist as she pulled her panties up and turned around to flush the toilet.

The boy caught only a glimpse of her pussy, but he had a good look at her ass and legs, at her creamy thighs and gartered stockings.

After adjusting her dress, she walked into the bedroom and locked the door. Then she sat down on the edge of the bed.

Smiling at him, she said, "What's your name?"


"Well, Bobby, did you get turned on watching me do that?"

He blushed and nodded. "I guess I couldn't help it."

"Of course not. Do you have a hardon now? We wouldn't want to leave you all hot and bothered, would we? It's not good for you. Let's have a look."

His eyes wide, he remained motionless as she pulled his zipper down and brought his cock out. He had a lovely hardon, his long foreskin already drawn back to reveal the tip of his pink cockhead. She squeezed the tip of his prick and a drop of clear precum oozed out of his slit.

"It's a lovely cock. When was the last time this gun went off?"

"This morning."

"You don't need to blush, I know all about boys. I bet you wake up every morning with a hardon. Isn't that right?"


She was pleased. The cum in his balls had been accumulating all day and because of his age there would be a lot of it. Her mouth watered for a taste of his cock.

"Would you like me to suck you off?"

"Jesus, Mrs. Monroe, you don't have to..."

"It's my pleasure, honey. Just lie back and relax."

The boy groaned and settled back. He watched her as she leaned over his cock and touched the tip of her tongue to his brimming cockhead. He shuddered and moaned as she sucked the juice out of his slit and rolled it over her lips. Britney was enjoying herself. Having the boy watch her while she peed had brought her pussy to a boil. He had a sweet cock. It was fun to tease him by delaying things. Instead of gobbling his prick with her mouth, she delicately licked his cockhead and around the groove behind it. Then she pulled away from him. "Let's get your pants down," she said. "We need more room to play."

She removed his shoes and socks, and then she helped him get his pants and shorts down and off his feet.

"Much better," she said with a smile.

Now she had a half-naked boy on her bed, naked from the waist down with his lovely cock and balls completely exposed.

She ran her fingers over his bloated pink ball-bag. His nuts looked about to burst. In a moment, honey, she thought. In a moment she would milk him and get all that lovely boy-cum down her throat.

Touching his cock again, she pushed down and squeezed the base of his cockshaft to make his cockhead swell like a balloon with blood. They both watched as a glob of milky juice was forced out of his cockhead.

"That's cum," she said. "I think you're about to cum."

He made a croaking sound as she swooped down to close her teeth behind the flared rim of his cockhead. A moment later the hot spunk erupted out of his cockhead. Spurt after spurt splattered over her tongue and against her palate.

Gently squeezing his balls, she pumped his cockshaft to get all of his load out of his nuts.

She held everything in her mouth, and when he was finished she swallowed the whole mess down in two gulps. Her pussy spasmed as the wad of slimy spunk slid down her throat.

Running her tongue over her glistening lips, she smiled at him. "Feel better?"

He grinned. "Oh, wow!"

He was adorable. She thought of doing him all over again, but then she had a better idea. She watched him pull his pants up and she said, "You'll keep this between us, won't you, honey?"

"Of course, Mrs. Monroe."

"But if there's a friend downstairs you can trust, I wouldn't mind."

"You mean it?"

"I like it, you know. Some women like the taste of it and I'm one of them. But no blabbing about it."

"I promise."

He walked out of the room and she sat there on the bed with the taste of his cum in her mouth and a contented smile on her face.

Oh, yes, indeed, she thought. We're going to have ourselves a party tonight. The teenagers had their party down there and she'd have her own little party up here.

After five minutes a boy built like a bean-pole walked into the room with a shy smile on his freckled face.

Britney remembered seeing him downstairs. He was cute. She told him to lock the door and beckoned him over to the bed.

She could see how nervous he was. It wasn't every day that a boy his age had a chance to get sucked off by a friend's mother.

She talked to him and calmed him down. She was drunk on booze and sex and she knew her words didn't make much sense. It didn't seem to matter. In a few minutes they were giggling together as she fished his long prick out of his pants.

She played with his prick awhile and then she had him undress. She wanted to see his body. She ran her hands over his cock and balls and then she slipped her fingers inside his asscrack.

Watching his face, she slowly pushed her finger inside his tight ass.

"You like that?"

His answer was to close his eyes and groan. She pushed her finger further inside his hot ass and chuckled at the way his cock turned hard as iron in response. He was a healthy young animal. Closing her mouth over his cockhead, she began sucking his prick while her finger stroked gently in and out of his ass.

It took her no more than a minute to empty his pretty pink balls. She rolled his thick cum over her tongue and smiled at him as she swallowed it down. The boy had a dazed look on his face as she told him she wouldn't mind him sending another boy upstairs if they could keep it a secret. She chuckled as he left her. Ten more boys came upstairs to her bedroom and she sucked off all of them. By the time the party was over she had the taste of cum coming out of her pores. Hot cum, slippery and sweet, thick and ropy and sometimes foaming. When all his friends had left and Len finally came to her room, she was too tired to suck and she simply opened her mouth and had him jerk off on her tongue. She swallowed her son's heavy load of spunk and after that she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

One Saturday afternoon Sarah came to the house looking for Len. The boy had gone with his friends to a baseball game and evidently the game had gone into extra innings. Britney was on a glider on the back lawn getting some sun and she invited the girl to keep her company.

Sarah brought some Cokes out of the kitchen and then she stretched out on a glider beside Britney and they talked awhile.

Then Sarah said, "It's too bad I don't have a bikini with me. I wouldn't mind getting some sun myself. You've got a great body, Mrs. Monroe, I really mean it."

Britney smiled at the girl. Sarah was cute. The blonde wore a halter top and her luscious tits jiggled whenever she moved.

"Thanks for the compliment," Britney said. "And why don't you call me Britney? I thought we were going to be friends."

"Okay, Britney."

"Maybe you could get into one of my bikinis. I've got a few upstairs I haven't worn in years and they're too small on me now. Maybe one of them would fit you. Would you like to come upstairs and try some on?"

The girl agreed. It was all very pleasant, no hint that either of them had anything else in mind except finding a bikini for Sarah so she could relax in the sun. The girl did seem interested in Britney's body. Britney was conscious of that. But the bikini Britney was wearing hardly covered more than her nipples and crotch and she thought it understandable that Sarah would look at her. She's delicious, Britney thought as she walked up the stairs behind the teenager's cute little ass. Britney had never stopped being jealous of Sarah because of the time the girl spent with Len. Britney was still afraid of losing Len. Maybe someday he would get tired of his mother and be hooked by a cute little blonde like Sarah. The girl was little everywhere except across her chest. She had the tits of a woman twice her age, big pear-shaped knockers with the outline of her nipples always visible no matter what she wore.

Inside her bedroom, Britney began searching for the old bikinis. She finally located them at the bottom of one of the drawers. When she pulled them out and turned, she found Sarah already had her clothes off and was standing there completely naked. Now it was Britney's turn to took. The girl's body was as lovely as Britney had imagined it. Sarah's fat pink nipples made Britney's mouth water. The girl had a slender streamlined body with not much hair covering her pussy. Her pink cuntlips were visible at the top of her slit. No wonder Len's crazy about her, Britney thought. Once again the fear of losing Len came into Britney's mind. Now that she was looking at Sarah naked and seeing what the girl had, the fear was worse.

Britney moved closer to the girl. "You've got a beautiful body," Britney said. "Lovely skin."

"Thanks," Sarah said.

The teenager smiled and Britney smiled and then Britney said, "I'm glad you're going with Len, honey. Sometimes I may act as if I'm not glad, but I really am. I like you."

"And I like you too, Mrs. Monroe."

"I thought you were going to call me Britney."

"That's right, Britney."

They leaned towards each other and Britney kissed the girl's cheek. Then Sarah turned her head and their lips met and the kiss became something else.

Tongue fluttered against tongue. They wrapped their arms around each other and Britney's hands dropped down to fondle the girl's lush ass.

Britney quivered when she felt one of Sarah's hands on her tits. The girl's fingers pinched Britney's nipple through the cloth of her bikini top.

"I think I'm getting turned on by this," Britney groaned.

"Me too," Sarah whispered.

"Oh, God."

"I really like you, Britney."

"And I like you too, honey. Have you ever had a girl lick your pussy?"

Sarah stopped back a bit and smiled at the older woman. "Do you want to do that to me?"


"I'd love it."

There was no more talk about finding a bikini for Sarah. Now they were in the bedroom for something else.

Sarah had a coy smile on her face as she stretched out on the bed. "I think you ought to know something," the girl said.

Britney was still standing at the foot of the bed. "What's that?"

"I know about you and Len. I sort of guessed it and then he told me right out. I think it's wonderful."

Britney was shocked and afraid. "If you tell anyone I'll be in deep trouble."

"I won't tell anyone, don't worry about that."

The girl opened her legs and pulled her knees back to show Britney her pink-lipped cunt.

Britney looked at the teenager's face. There was nothing but affection in Sarah's face, no hint of an enemy. Maybe the girl did want to be friends. Britney looked down at the blonde's open pussy and then a moment later she climbed on the bed and began kissing the insides of Sarah's thighs.

When Len walked into the house, he knew something was going on. Sarah was supposed to be waiting for him, but no one was downstairs, not his mother and not Sarah.

He was halfway up the stairs when he heard someone giggling. They were in his mother's bedroom. Len knew his mother and he knew Sarah and it didn't take much for him to suspect they were in there having themselves a good time. The door to his mother's bedroom was open and he moved quietly along the hall until he could look in on them. They were both on the bed and his mother was sucking his girlfriend's pussy. Sucking and using her fingers, too. As far as Len could make out, his mother had her fingers in Sarah's ass and cunt while she was sucking the blonde's clit. That was the way Sarah liked to have it done. She liked a finger in her ass whenever he sucked her gash.

Sarah was naked but his mother still had her bikini on. Len unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out and slowly stroked his thickening prick as he watched them. Then he decided, fuck it, he wasn't going to stand out here in the hall while they had themselves a good time. His cock dangling out of his pants, he walked into the room and slapped his mother's ass. "You're not leaving me out," he said.

"Dear God," Britney said.

"We got bored," Sarah giggled.

All the explanations didn't amount to much. Everyone realized the important thing was this sudden new intimacy between them. The three of them were closer now than ever before. Britney tossed away her bikini. Len peeled his clothes off and joined them on the bed. His mother's bed. Britney looked at her son and his girlfriend lying there on her bed and she thought this had to be the wildest afternoon of her life. Len's cock was deliciously hard. Sarah's pussy was deliciously wet. I've got them both, Britney thought. Their bodies tangled on the bed, mouths against flesh, hands fondling and squeezing and caressing. Britney lay on the bed with her head hanging over the side. Len straddled her face and dangled his cock over her mouth. She opened her lips to accept his fat cockhead. Her nose nuzzled his swinging balls as she sucked on his prick. He began moving his hips, gently fucking his mother's mouth as she lay there with her head under his crotch.

At the other end of Britney's body, Sarah knelt between Britney's legs and fastened her mouth on Britney's lush cunt.

The blonde teenager gobbled and sucked at the older woman's oozing cuntflesh. The girl's agile tongue scooped thick cunt-cream out of Britney's hairy pussy. Britney mewled with delight. Having her son's thick cock fucking her mouth while his girlfriend sucked her cunt drove her wild.

Pulling her mouth away from Britney's cunt, Sarah fingered Britney's cunt and smiled at Len. "I love the way she creams," the teenager said. "She's got so much of it."

"You like sucking that stuff out of a pussy, huh?"

"I love it," Sarah giggled.

Britney was unable to talk. She had her mouth filled with Len's sliding cock. She felt the girl's fingers exploring her cunt, and then suddenly the brunette quivered as Sarah pushed a slender finger inside her ass.

A moment later the girl added another finger. The teenager reamed the older woman's ass with two fingers while her thumb remained in Britney's cunt.

"She's got a lovely tight ass," Sarah said with a snicker. "I'd like to watch you fuck it."

"She likes your fingers."

"Of course she likes my fingers. Come on, let's get her over on her belly so you can fuck her ass."

"Not yet," Len said. "First let me see her suck your cunt. Get over here and sit on her face."

He pulled his cock out of his mother's mouth and Sarah giggled as she scrambled forward to sit on Britney's face.

Len used his fingers to hold Sarah's cuntlips apart while his mother swabbed the girl's pussy with her tongue.

Britney lapped her tongue up and down over Sarah's clit and then used her tongue to scoop the hot juice out of Sarah's cunt. The blonde teenager mewled with pleasure. She gazed down and watched the juices drip out of her pussy and into Britney's mouth.

"God, I love this," Sarah said. "She eats pussy like a dream. Look at the way she sucks."

"I'm looking," Len chuckled. "Okay, let's get her over on her belly."

Britney was in a daze as they rolled her over. She wanted Len's cock in her mouth again. She ran her tongue over her lips and let her mouth hang open until his cock was once again stuffing her face. As Britney knelt on the bed on her elbows and knees, Sarah crouched behind her with her hands on Britney's creamy ass. The girl's eyes glittered as she gazed at the brunette's hairy cunt and dark puckered ass. Extending her tongue, Sarah lapped up and down Britney's asscrack and finally zeroed in on the older woman's winking ass. Britney moaned around Len's cock as Sarah lubricated her ass with saliva. A moment later Len pulled his cock out of his mother's mouth and moved around to the other side of the bed to get at her ass. Sarah helped him position his cockhead at Britney's twitching ass.

There was no difficulty. He'd fucked his mother's ass many times and now his cock slid inside her ass like a sliding piston. Britney groaned. She groaned again when Sarah slipped under her belly to get her mouth on her clit.

Britney was sure she was in heaven. She could feel Len's cock throbbing in her ass. She could feel Sarah's tongue fluttering over her clit. Britney was no longer afraid of losing Len. It was true that someday Len would get married. But Britney realized now that when that happened she would not lose a son, she would gain a daughter. Oh, yes, indeed, Britney thought. She wiggled her hips and quivered with happiness.

The End
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